Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 8 Recap & Review

Episode 8

Episode 8 of Stealer: The Treasure Keeper begins with Team Karma planning how they are going to get into Mr. Kim’s vault. The first step is to get Mr. Kim’s fingerprint.

Viper drives while remembering his sister, Yuki, and her illness. He remembers telling her that he promised to take care of her since their parents were gone. He parks and answers a call. His sister is thanking Mr. Kim for a birthday gift, but she doesn’t know Viper can see her. Yuki and Mr. Kim exchange pleasantries before hanging up, and Viper looks relieved to have seen her.

Mr. Kim tells his assistant that he will squeeze the life out of Viper before throwing him away.

Min-woo is hanging out with Ms. Lee, when the latter tells her that everyone has gone home, but Min-woo walks into the next room to find a surprise—everyone is there with party whistles and a birthday cake. They celebrate, laugh, and give Min-woo gifts.

Later, Ms. Lee and Captain walk together outside, flirting up a storm. Ms. Lee trips and is about to fall, but Captain catches her. She blushes and rushes away.

Meanwhile, on Ms. Lee’s balcony, Min-woo remembers the brief and tender moments she shared with Skunk in their last escapade when Dae-myung/Skunk walks up. She asks him why he didn’t invite Skunk to the surprise party. He tells her that Skunk can’t be called whenever they want him. They go downstairs to eat some ramen, but Min-woo stumbles, and Skunk catches her, pulling her to him. Suddenly, there is thunder, and Skunk freezes with anxiety, remembering the day his family died. Skunk makes up an excuse and quickly walks away.

Skunk goes into the corner of a room and sits alone. Ms. Lee walks in and sits next to him. She urges him to remember the day “Skunk” was born. That day, Skunk broke into Ms. Lee’s property to steal a Buddha statue that had once been stolen from Korea. Her drone stops him, shooting ties that wrap around his hands and feet. Ms. Lee comes out and asks him what he is doing there. Skunk, looking like an uber amateur thief, answers her and pleads with her to return the statue so that he can catch the bad guys who originally stole it.

Inside, Ms. Lee goes through her things, where she finds a list of criminals. Skunk tells her that he is doing this because his father put together that list. His father’s mission became his own and through much emotion, Skunk explains that when he was in high school, someone murdered his parents, and he believes that he will find their murderer if he finishes the list. Ms. Lee decides to help.

Back in the present, Ms. Lee asks if his goal is still valid. Skunk replies that he doesn’t know, but he still yearns for revenge. At the same time, Dr. Ko meets Vivian at a bar. Vivian asks him why he did “it.” He says that he tried to pull off the theft of a lifetime, but a kid kept coming to mind, so he gave it up so that the kid had insurance.

Ms. Lee tells Skunk that Ae-ri has a massage license, and Mr. Kim visits the masseur twice a week. She wants to send in Min-woo to get Mr. Kim’s fingerprints by sending her in as a masseuse. Skunk baulks at the idea, but eventually sees the logic and asks Ae-ri to help out.

Later, Ae-ri arrives at Mr. Kim’s equipped with a body camera. Ae-ri starts talking off-script and even plays a word game with him, which stresses the team out. However, when she loses the game, Mr. Kim hits her arm with two fingers, leaving a perfect print.

A cleaning woman walks into a room in an unknown building. About a dozen men have been brutally murdered, and all of the bodies’ teeth have been pulled out. There is a 3 of hearts card lying in a pool of blood. 

A man calls someone named Shota, and asks him to do a job for him in Korea. Shota agrees and gets into a car, where he hands a jar full of teeth to someone in the back seat.  

Min-woo and Skunk set off to get into Mr. Kim’s vault. The rest of team Karma watch the operation from screens inside a van nearby.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kim’s thoughts reveal that he knows that Team Karma sent in a fake mass message. It looks like he is prepared for Skunk’s and Min-woo’s visit but they’re in for an unpleasant surprise.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 has proven to be another really entertaining portion of the series. Joo Won has been giving a stellar performance as Skunk/Dae-myung. And finally, we have confirmation of what has been hinted at all along: that Skunk’s motive is more than just continuing his dad’s work but also avenging his death.

It is kind of odd that the team is letting Dr. Ko run around on the loose. Maybe it’s because they have bigger priorities but it isn’t clear who the “kid” is that Dr. Ko is talking about. The orphaned Min-woo, perhaps?

And surprisingly, this episode briefly oozes with some cheesy romance between Min-woo and Skunk and Ms. Lee and Captain. With only 4 episodes left in the series, Min-woo is bound to find out Skunk’s real identity soon. What will she think? Will she still like Skunk, knowing that he is really Dae-myung?

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