Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 7 Recap & Review

Episode 7

Episode 7 of Stealer: The Treasure Keeper picks up with Skunk in Jang Chun Fung’s vault. He grabs a Joseon tongbo coin and sets off an alarm. Lasers are moving around rapidly, and Skunk slides the coin across the floor to Min-woo and Chang-hoon. Chang-hoon pockets the coin and drives away on a motorcycle. 

With some help from Ms. Lee, Skunk finds a digital lock to turn off the lasers. Min-woo calls out and helps him input the right numbers, just as Triad members rush into the vault, where the two fight them off.

Skunk and Min-woo step into an elevator, and Sunk sees a cut on Min-woo’s hand. He immediately whips out a first-aid kit and tends to her wound. They exit the elevator, and in Spider-Man style, Skunk grabs Min-woo around the waist and repels the two of them down from the upper floor to the hotel lobby. On the ground, he covers Min-woo’s body with his own, his suit stopping the Triad’s bullets. 

The team get into a van and drive away, dropping off Skunk in the woods.

Meanwhile, Chang-hoon comes face-to-face with Viper, and Ms. Lee listens to the exchange through Chang-hoon’s earpiece. Ms. Lee frantically tries to get ahold of Skunk, who has changed out of his suit and is traveling back to the hotel.

Chang-hoon and Viper fight. Viper knocks Chang-hoon out, takes the coin, and gets away just as Min-woo and Captain pull up.

Skunk arrives at the hotel to find an irritated Ae-ri. She informs him that the company card he gave her is already maxed out. He finally notices that M. Lee has been calling him, but Ae-ri keeps getting in the way. He gives her something to do, and she watches as he runs out of the hotel. She goes into his hotel room and peeks in his bag. Ae-ri pulls out his skunk mask and whip just as Skunk walks in. She thinks the worst, and Skunk tries to explain, but she runs out of the room, freaked out.

Meanwhile, Chang-hoon, Min-woo, and Captain are at the hospital, where Chang-hoon has recovered with some scrapes and bruises. Chang-hoon feels guilty about what happened but he asks a great question: How did Viper know they had the coin and where Chang-hoon was?

Viper is standing in the woods near a stream when Dr. Ko appears. Dr. Ko tosses the other coin that was in the team’s possession to Viper.

The team meets together in the hotel, and Captain and Ms. Lee reveal that they kept the team in the dark about his real plan. They knew that Dr. Ko would take the coin to Viper, and they put a tracker on it. However, the coin that Dr. Ko took is actually a replica. Ms. Lee also installed a feature on it that will alert them if a coin of the same size is nearby.

The team makes plans to leave Jeju Island, and later Skunk and Ae-ri sit in the airport, watching the news. Someone has recorded a video of Skunk in the hotel when he repelled into the lobby. Ae-ri realizes that Dae-Myung is Skunk and she starts freaking out. Skunk tries to calm her down and tell her the truth. He asks her to be his partner, and she hesitantly agrees.

Back in Seoul, Mr. Kim excitedly places the replica coin and the real Joseon tongbo coin in his coin box. He tells Viper that he can see his sister on a video call soon.

Dr. Ko and Viper meet and discuss waiting for a chance to take the coins from Mr. Kim. Dr. Ko gives Viper the location of an artifact dealer.

In the middle of all this, Min-woo has a flashback from when she was young. She was brought to a convent and told that an anonymous person sent her there. A nun tells her that someone has already paid for her college education.

Captain and Chang-hoon are at the police station, where Captain reiterates the importance of finding the coins. Over 150,000 cultural artifacts shouldn’t stay in Mr. Kim’s malicious hands.

Captain meets with a man who donated a Joseon seal. The man declines to accept a reward for donating it. In the past, the pro-Japanese people in Korea took his grandfather and executed him. Captain explains that despite their murderous history, pro-Japanese descendants live in luxury now, and it isn’t right. He explains passionately that he wants to do all he can for people like the man and his relatives.

At Ms. Lee’s place, Ms. Lee tracks the coin; Mr. Kim is taking it to a private vault. The team plot how to break into Mr. Kim’s vault as a result of this. Ms. Lee explains how a genius booby-trapped the place, and breaking in will be very difficult. The show ends with a glimpse into the contents of the vault, where a creepy doll’s eyes light up.

Bonus Epilogue Scene

Viper meets an antique dealer, someone who taught Viper everything he knew. He took Viper out of an orphanage and raised him at Mr. Kim’s request. Viper tells the dealer he is angry for turning him into a killer, and he takes out a pen. The man pleads for his life so Viper changes tactics, putting the pen away and taking out a knife from behind his back, an indication that he wants the man to receive a painful death.

The Episode Review

Well, this is another great episode. It has a complex plot, and although at times parts can be a little confusing, the show’s writers have done their best to try and explain little details, like how the team can be sure that Mr. Kim is taking all of the coins to his vault by thinking up Ms. Lee’s invention that allows them to know when other coins are by their replica.

And as if the suspense of getting into the vault isn’t enough, they still have us wondering who killed Skunk’s family, whose deaths we learned about a few episodes ago, and who Min-woo’s mysterious benefactor is. Hopefully, we’ll get some stronger hints soon. 

It is also definitely starting to seem like this Joseon coin drama will probably carry through the series right up to the last episode.

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