Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 6 Recap & Review

Episode 6

Episode 6 of Stealer: The Treasure picks up right where we left off, with Min-woo’s hand under Skunk’s mask. She is about to pull it off when he suddenly grabs her wrist. 

Skunk gets up and turns off his drone, which was flying around outside, simulating a police car with lights and siren noises. It looks like Skunk never alerted the police after all. Skunk walks Min-woo to a main road and then disappears when Min-woo isn’t looking.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ko hands over his Joseon tongbo coin. Chang-hoon lets slip that someone else is looking for the coins, and Dr. Ko uses it as an advantage to convince Captain that the team needs his help to find the remaining coin. Captain prods him to tell him what Cheomseongdae (an ancient observatory) has to do with the coins, but Dr. Ko tells him that it is a secret for a later time.

Recovering from the night’s events, Skunk and Ms. Lee have a chat. Sensing he has a crush, Ms. Lee prods Skunk, asking why he went to so much work to rescue Min-woo. And like a schoolboy, he adamantly denies liking her.

At Mr. Kim’s place, Mr. Kim tells Viper that if he doesn’t bring him the next coin, then he will have to apologize to his sister, implying that Mr. Kim will harm her if he doesn’t find it.

Ms. Lee invites the team to her house and gives them a tour. She tells them they can use her home as a meeting space. They sit down, and Dr. Ko begins to tell them a story: Long ago, Dr. Ko saw a Joseon coin around Jang Chun Fung’s neck, a member of the Chinese Triad gang, who claimed that the coin saved his life. He still believes the coin is a lucky charm so Dr. Ko explains that Jang Chun Fung’s valuables are on Jeju Island

Ms. Lee pulls up a photo of Viper that was caught on Skunk’s suit camera, but her software can’t match his image. He is untraceable.

Dae-myung (Skunk) gets up to leave, claiming that he has to get work approval for a trip to Jeju Island, and Min-woo follows him out, blushing and thanking him for calling Skunk to save her in the previous night’s events. He tells her that he is glad her nose is fine and that she should be thanking Skunk instead. He runs off, and Min-woo wonders how he knew that her nose was hurt, as it looks normal today.

At Skunk’s workplace, Skunk gets the approval but he has to take Ae-ri, much to his surprise and dismay. Skunk has a plan though, he comes up with tons of paperwork to give her. He rings, but she tells him that she has finished all the work and will be joining him on the trip.

The cultural heritage team, Ms. Lee, and Dr. Ko arrive on the island, while Skunk and Ae-ri arrive later at the same hotel. Skunk tells Ae-ri he has to go somewhere and meets everyone else in one of the rooms to go over the game plan: Jang Chun Fung will arrive at Jang Chun Fung’s hotel casino, and Min-woo will take the lead.

Meanwhile, Ae-ri suspects that Skunk is being lazy by delaying their work and threatens to report them. He holds her hand by giving her their company credit card to go have some fun.

Meanwhile, Captain and Min-woo are dressed to the nines and check into the casino with fake IDs. They spot Jang Chun Fung and start playing poker. Min-woo wears some special contact lenses developed by Ms. Lee; they help her cheat at poker. She wins big and attracts the attention of Jang Chun Fung. He invites her to his VIP room where a waiter bumps into Min-woo, and Jang Chun Fung offers to let her change in his penthouse suite.

In the suite, Min-woo plays with a necklace that she is wearing; it holds a liquid that, when imbibed, will make the drinker answer every question they are asked truthfully before passing out. Min-woo pretends to make herself a drink, then turns around and starts beating up Jang Chun Fung until she has him lying on his back. She forces him to open his mouth and drops the liquid in. She asks him for the passcode to his secret vault.

Meanwhile, Chang-hoon is disguised as Skunk and is on the roof. He intentionally lets the security guards know he is there to distract them and gets away by propelling down the building. He takes off his disguise and goes back into the hotel. He wanders past more security that are standing outside Jang Chun Fungs‘s door before egging the guards to follow him down a nearby stairway, where he fights them until they are unconscious.

Min-woo leaves the room, and the real Skunk enters the code to the secret vault room. Skunk sees a pile of treasure at the end of the hall, but the place is completely booby-trapped. Up on the roof, the security guards’ bodies are littered everywhere. Viper stands next to them, holding a pen.

Back in the vault, Skunk makes his way over and under moving lasers; Chang-hoon and Min-woo watch from the entrance; Captain, Dr. Ko, and Ms. Lee watch on a monitor, biting their nails. Skunk makes it through the lasers and picks up the Joseon tongbo coin. But just as he does, an alarm goes off.

Bonus Scene

Everyone is preparing for their plan to raid Jang Chun Fung’s vault. Chang-hoon walks in with a Skunk costume on, and the real Skunk stands up in surprise, eyes narrowed. When Chang-hoon takes the mask off, Skunk almost wets himself. Comically, he stares bitterly at Chung-hoon while Chang-hoon admires Skunk’s get-up.

The Episode Review

Well, we are now halfway through the show. Episode 6 is a really well-written and well-plotted chapter that feels like watching a spy movie. Finally, in Skunk’s overly strong denial of liking Min-woo, we have a strong indication that there’ll be a little more romance between the pair. It took long enough—they were keeping us guessing over the span of six episodes!

They’re also teasing us with this Cheomseongdae secret, and they actually have since the very beginning, since the Cheomseongdae observatory is included in the intro art to each episode!

Surely, it is going to be a major element in the show, but we don’t know how just yet. On with the next episode!

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