Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 3 Recap & Review

Episode 3

Episode 3 of Stealer: The Treasure Keeper picks up where we left off—with Captain pointing a gun at Skunk’s head. He asks Skunk what he is doing at Chairman Yang’s, and after distorting his voice, says that he sent the Captain a lot of gifts and he will get another one in the morning.

Captain glances towards his handcuffs, and Skunk takes the opportunity to swing Captain’s arm down and run away. Captain gives chase, but he isn’t fast enough.

At Skunk’s office, everyone is watching the news. Captain is on the TV, announcing that Jijki volume one has been found. Skunk brags about his good fortune, and his co-workers look at him bitterly, muttering that he didn’t do anything.

Later, Skunk and Ms. Lee talk about her past. She was a KAIST graduate and hacker who became rich by doing stock trading. Ms. Lee shows Skunk the bulletproof suit he developed for him that regulates his temperature. Ms. Lee admits she helps with these missions for the excitement; she could buy the artifacts, but that doesn’t bring justice and it is boring.

Meanwhile, Mr. Choi is getting beaten up by some thugs. A man tells the thugs to take him to the slaughterhouse, and he begs for his life. The man says he will give him his life but take one of his kidneys.

Skunk and Min-woo drive to Mr. Choi’s house. Min-woo knocks on the door, but there is no answer. Skunk tries to get her to leave, but she finds a way in. Min-woo looks at the ink stone used to open the secret entrance. It looks like Mr. Choi used it in a hurry, and while she is snooping, Skunk keeps trying to get her to leave. She finally decides to do just that, and tells Skunk that the Jikji was given to them by a thief. Skunk feigns surprise as she tells him that they call the thief Skunk, much to his disdain.

In the car, Min-woo asks for help to catch Skunk since most of the artifacts he stole are on the list that he (Dae-Myung/Skunk) drafted.

Skunk visits Ms. Lee again, where she shows Skunk another new suit feature: the option to spray knockout gas out of the back of his pants. She made this when she heard about his new nickname.

Captain watches the news—a rare vase that Korea was not able to recover, has been given to an unknown private collector. Now, this case involves Mr. Kim Young-soo’s (an ex-politician) home, where he is happily eating. The stolen vase is by his side.

Mr. Kim is meeting with a young man, the third-generation head of the Goseon group. The young man informs him that he will no longer be employing him in the Goseon group.

Mr. Kim is being driven somewhere, and his driver, a young woman, says that the auction they are going to should be successful, as many people from all over the world will attend.

At Skunk’s office, his superiors assign him the task of finding out who has the vase. At the same time, Min-woo sorts through the evidence from Chairman Yang’s and notices an empty coin box.

At Mr. Kim’s home, he watches the news. The head of the Goseon group died. His death was organized by Mr. Kim. Huin-Dal enters the room and asks Mr. Kim if someone named Hwa-won is doing well. He replies that she is living a life fit for a princess.

Min-woo goes to a restaurant to have a drink and finds Captain there. Captain tells her that he begged her previous department to send her to his team, while Captain replies hat he isn’t trying to arrest Skunk but actually wants to help him steal items. He asks Min-woo if she wants to help, and after another drink, she agrees.

Skunk is giving an entertaining performance to some VIPs (of the cultural heritage division, a construction group, etc.) and buying them drinks. Skunk and another man leave the room, and the men talk about how they will soon meet at their palace. One man asks how much money they are getting for each person, while Mr. Baek, the head of a construction group, says it will be at least 20 million dollars.

Mr. Baek mentions that he is attending an auction tomorrow and brags about how he’s already bribed prosecutors and judges long ago. As fate would have it, a device is under the table, recording their conversation.

The next day, Min-woo, suspecting that Dae-myung might be Skunk, goes to the auction and notices Mr. Kim and Mr. Baek speaking to each other. Skunk also sees them, and he runs up to greet Mr. Baek. Skunk accidentally bumps into Huin-Dal, and they lock eyes for a moment, but Skunk quickly recovers from his surprise.

Skunk is with his co-workers, trying to assure them that they will get the vase, but he tells them that he told Chairman Wang, the top competitor, how much money they have to bet. His co-workers lose any confidence in Skunk.

When it comes time to do the auction, it comes down to Chairman Wang and Skunk, with Skunk raising the bid by thousands and the chairman raising it by millions until he outbids Skunk. Then others start bidding until it is sold to an unknown woman.

Meanwhile, Min-woo is walking around when she runs into Skunk, who is running somewhere with a bag in his hand. Min-woo asks to see what is in it, and she pulls out a dragon fruit and a bathrobe from the guesthouse Skunk’s team was staying at. She calls the Captain and tells him that Skunk can’t be Dae-myung—he is a weirdo.

The woman who bought the vase goes to her room and pulls off a mask. It is Ms. Lee. She takes out the vase, which is apparently a fake. She recalls her and Skunk’s plan: to tell Chairman Wang how much they will bid to make sure he spends his money on other items and doesn’t reach the maximum that Ms. Lee will bid.

She calls Skunk to confirm that he is tracking the car with the real vase to Mr. Kim’s secret vault. In doing so, the episode then ends with Skunk facing the car in the middle of a country road. The men get out of the car and face Skunk.

The Episode Review

Well, this episode was humorous, but a little confusing. It definitely got a bit hard to keep up with in the last half. It is not clear what Mr. Baek’s big plan is and what the vase or the auction has to do with it. If the bad guys are still planning on keeping the vase, then what was the point of having an auction? So far, it seems like it was a con to get more money. And was the “20 million per person” comment referencing the auction, or something else? 

It seems like none of this has much to do with the coin-chasing that we saw in previous episodes, but we can’t know for sure just yet. Hopefully, we’ll find out the meaning of all of this in episode 4.

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