Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 11 Recap & Review

Episode 11

This episode begins with Captain and Chang-hoon waiting outside Skunk’s apartment building. Inside, Skunk is choking Viper after having just realized that Viper is his parent’s killer. As Skunk is screaming at him, Viper confesses that he was supposed to kill Skunk, too. Skunk accidentally loosens his grip, and Viper manages to get out from under Skunk. The two stand up and fight until Skunk pushes him out of the window. Captain and Chang-hoon hear the glass break and run toward Skunk’s apartment.

On the ground outside, Viper is lying down with a face full of cuts. He opens his eyes and disappears before Chang-hoon can get to him. Captain holds off Skunk, who is screaming in desperation, eager to see Viper’s end.

Later, a recovered Min-woo meets with the other members of Team Karma. Dr. Ko fills them in on who Viper is, and they make the connection that Viper is the same man who killed Skunk’s parents.

Meanwhile, Viper stumbles into his own apartment and injects something into his arm.

Skunk sleeps and dreams of himself as a young boy with his dad, who tells him he wants Skunk to let him and Skunk’s mom go.

Skunk wakes up and starts asking where Viper is, but Min-woo, attempting to dissuade him, shares how she never had much of a family until joining Team Karma. She asks him if they can help him get revenge as a family after they focus on Mr. Kim and the Joseon coins. Min-woo leaves Skunk to think about what she said and joins the others.

Skunk comes into the room where everyone is and starts taping letters on the wall. Together, these letters form: “There is no future for the nation who has forgotten their history. There is no past for the nation who has lost their cultural assets.”

After this morale boost, the team starts preparing their next game plan. Dr. Ko knows their next destination. He tells the team that Mr. Kim used an archaeologist to decode the Japanese war diary for him. Many years ago, Dr. Ko saved the man from the brink of death after Mr. Kim tried to kill him, and the man told Dr. Ko the location of the diary—it is in a safe under Mr. Kim’s bedroom.

Mr. Baek is released from prison and receives a phone call from Mr. Kim. It looks like they are planning something. Mr. Kim stands inside a building that has a perfect view of Cheomseongdae (an ancient observatory).

At Mr. Kim’s, Skunk, Captain, and Dr. Ko make their entry while the rest of the team stays in Ms. Lee’s teched-out van nearby. With some technical assistance from Ms. Lee, the guys sneak their way into Mr. Kim’s room. They hack into the vault and grab the diary, along with some flash drives and a needle-like tool that goes into the Joseon coins’ holes. They plug the flash drives into a laptop that is in Mr. Kim’s living room and find some coin-related information and some “test shots” of a woman.

Mr. Kim’s security finds out they are there, and the team leaves the laptop open with the test shot footage playing as they get away. Viper walks into the empty room and hears the video. He watches a conversation between Mr. Kim and another man discussing deepfake technology. The test shots are of a woman impersonating Viper’s sister, Yuki. In the video, Mr. Kim’s assistant mentions Yuki’s death.

Viper confronts Mr. Kim’s assistant and asks her who killed Yuki. She tells him that Shota killed Yuki, and then Viper kills her before falling to the ground and sobbing.

The next day, Team Karma meets together, and Ae-ri tells them about a clue leading to Chemoseongdae that was mentioned in the diary. From the text, they also discover what Mr. Kim wants—the bead of eternal life. Skunk recalls that his father told him that he was looking for the bead before his death and realizes that this is the reason that Mr. Kim had his parents killed.

Mr. Kim receives intel from the police commissioner about the team’s whereabouts and starts tracking their location. Then, with Mr. Baek’s help, Mr. Kim blocks Cheomseongdae from visitors.

Mr. Kim holds up a blank piece of paper and looks out the window toward Cheomseongdae, laughing with malice.

The Episode Review

This was another suspenseful episode, light on comedy and heavy on action. And finally, we are beginning to see the significance of Cheomseongdae.

The plot in this segment of the series seems hasty. Dr. Ko’s happening to know certain things, like where the diary is, seems a bit too coincidental.

The team taking the time to look at the flash drives inside Mr. Kim’s house rather than taking them and bolting, coupled with the fact that Viper found out his sister’s demise through an unnecessarily filmed and stored conversation, seems a little bit silly.

Now, there is only one episode left, and it’ll be interesting to see how this plays out. A number of things could happen to the coins, the bead, and the other treasures when they’re found. And Viper will likely kill Mr. Kim, and with no longer any reason to live, he will probably die afterward, but likely not at Skunk’s hands.

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