Stealer: The Treasure Keeper – K-drama Episode 10 Recap & Review

Episode 10

Episode 10 of Stealer: The Treasure Keeper doesn’t keep us in suspense. It picks up right where we left off, with Min-woo and Skunk in the tomb room being squeezed by the walls coming in from both sides. Skunk hands the doll necklace to Min-woo just in time, and the walls retreat to their normal places. The two celebrate and hug each other before realizing that they’re being overeager and awkwardly separate.

Captain is lying down when he is approached by a thug wielding a long pipe. He opens his eyes just in time to grab it and stop him. Viper walks in, and Captain sets off the bomb on the signal jamming device. The two are thrown from the impact but quickly recover and face each other.

Captain jams a sleep dart into Viper’s leg, but Viper manages to crawl to a fire alarm button and press it. Goons start chasing after Captain and follow him to a vent in the wall.  

Skunk and Min-woo realize they can now contact Ms. Lee again so Skunk does just that, but Ms. Lee is tied up and unconscious. They head into the next room, which looks old and as if they might be in someone’s house. They figure out it is a recreation of Mr. Kim’s room when he was a boy. There is a doll in this one, too.

In Ms. Lee’s van, one of the thugs sticks a dart into the other thug’s leg. Ms. Lee wakes up, and the thug takes off his mask. It is Dr. Ko!

Meanwhile, in the puzzle room, Skunk discovers that to get out of the room, they must break a rare original vase. Skunk and Min-woo argue about what to do. Captain crawls through the vents until he gets outside. He runs into Chang-hoon, who is lying on the ground, passed out, with a knife in his chest. Chang-hoon talks, and Captain is astonished. Chang-hoon pulls the knife out and explains that he is wearing a knife-proof vest, although he does have a deep gash in his leg.

Min-woo grabs the vase from Skunk and is about to throw it on the ground, but Skunk stops her. He thinks breaking the vase is not the way out, voicing his reasoning aloud, just as the door opens. Dr. Ko pulls up in the van and tells Chang-hoon and Captain to get in.

Skunk and Min-woo walk out of the room to find themselves in hallways filled with ancient treasures. There are heavy layers of dust on the ground. It looks like no one has been there for a long time. They keep walking and find a skeleton sitting on the ground. It seems like it is the skeleton of the puzzle-maker himself.

Suddenly, Mr. Kim and a bunch of goons appear. Mr. Kim points a gun at them, just as Skunk asks why Mr. Kim killed the puzzle maker. Mr. Kim tells him that since the puzzle maker knew about the vault, he naturally had to die. Mr. Kim shot him, but he grabbed the master key and went through the puzzle rooms before passing away. Mr. Kim has never been able to access his own vault until now.

Mr. Kim suddenly shoots Min-woo in the shoulder, and Skunk rushes over and holds her. He reveals that he discovered that the new Joseon tongbo coin he obtained was a fake planted by them and took advantage of the opportunity to let them into his vault. Skunk dons his mask and lets out a smoky gas that conceals them and knocks the goons out. He runs away, holding Min-woo.

Dr. Ko and the rest of the team are ready for them. They see the pair exit the building and drive up with the van door open. Skunk and Min-woo get inside, and they drive away. Skunk speaks without his mask’s voice distortion turned on, and Chang-hoon recognizes Dae-myung’s voice. The game is up. Skunk removes his mask, shocking Chang-hoon but not their wise Captain, who apparently already guessed that it was him.

Team Karma goes to the hospital, and everyone chats while Min-woo has surgery. Privately, Captain asks Dr. Ko why he is helping them. Dr. Ko explains that at first he wanted the coins, but when he realized that Min-woo was working on the team, he didn’t want them anymore.

Mr. Kim‘s assistant brings him a file on Skunk. He knows who Skunk’s parents are and is surprised that Skunk is their son.

Min-woo is recovering from her surgery when Captain and Chang-hoon leave to go to the office and report that Mr. Kim shot Min-woo. The officer in charge says that they entered private property without a warrant and have no basis for an arrest, much to Captain’s disappointment. Chang-hoon alerts Captain to an emergency—all of the recovered artifacts in their secret storage room have disappeared.

Captain, alarmed, goes to another head officer and informs him that everything has been taken. The officer says that their division is being disbanded and refuses to tell Captain where the artifacts are.

Captain calls another officer to meet him at a café. He asks the guy if he moved the artifacts and if he saw a coin. He tells him that another team handled it. Captain comes to the conclusion that no one in their police force moved the artifacts. He suspects that Mr. Kim somehow pulled some strings to get the coin.

In Mr. Kim’s home, he uses each of the coins and their holes to map out a constellation. He prepares to leave somewhere and informs Viper that he should accompany him after he completes his task and that it is the last change that he is giving him.

Skunk starts to leave his apartment, but when he hears thunder and lightning, he goes back inside and sits in a corner.

Viper walks into Skunk’s apartment, but Skunk surprises him, and they begin to fight each other. Viper takes out a pen and starts pressing it toward Skunk. Skunk holds Viper’s arms away and notices a scar on Viper’s wrist. He recalls that it is the same one that he noticed on his parents’ killer. Reinvigorated with rage, he flips Viper on his back and starts to strangle him.

Mr. Kim meets with a man and gifts him a rare vase. Mr. Kim wants him to help find the Joseon treasures that Japan stole and hid from Korea. The man cries out that Mr. Kim will rot in hell for this, so Kim smashes the vase on the ground. The man picks up the pieces and cries.

The Episode Review

There are lots of twists, turns, and surprises in this episode. It seems like every time Team Karma takes a step forward, they’re forced to take a step back. The importance of getting back the Joseon coins and stopping Mr. Kim though is ramping up with each passing episode.

Dr. Ko showed up right on cue. And appearing as one of the goons that got into Ms. Lee’s van would have been difficult for anyone to predict.

So far, we’ve only seen a smidgen of romantic development between Ms. Lee and Captain since they’ve been so busy with the mission. Hopefully, they’ll get another chance to have a moment together soon, but there is so much going on that we might not see that until the end of the show.

It is apparent that Viper killed Skunk’s parents at Mr. Kim’s request. But why? Was Skunk’s dad getting in his way? Skunk finally coming face-to-face with his parents’ killer stirs up feelings of relief. Maybe after this confrontation, he’ll be better able to bear his crippling PTSD episodes. We’ll find out soon—there are only two episodes left!

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