Stay Close – Season 1 Episode 4 Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Stay Close begins with Harry leaving his place and finding our dancing assassins, Barbie and Ken, arriving with great news. Harry is wise to what’s going on though and flees. Thankfully he manages to evade capture.

Back home, he’s greeted by Broome and Megan. Megan agrees to talk about Stewart and the past before she disappears again, off the grid… somewhere else in town.

Anyway, Stewart Green was obsessed with Megan, stalking, beating and eventually threatening her. When she started seeing someone new (Ray), Stewart didn’t like it. He made Megan’s life hell and as she was just a stripper at the time, decided against going to the police. Instead, she decided to get away from everything up at Viper’s.

Out at the ruins she found Stewart’s body, bloodied and presumed dead. She wasn’t 100% sure though. She didn’t call it in to the police either and instead decided to run and start a brand new life.

Broome promises to do his best to protect them but she refuses to let him near her son or their new life. Broome doesn’t bother to even check her registration, instead hearing from Erin that the blood they’ve found was actually Guy Tatem’s, not Carlton’s. While Mike won’t bother to investigate properly, Ray does. He has one of his top guys, Fester, check Kayleigh’s registration. Ray has a fair few connections, as we find out he actually works as a paparazzi for hire.

Erin and Broome eventually head out together, speaking to Ray. He seems pretty suspicious, especially as he squirms at Mike’s questions about Cassie. They don’t learn much but definitely peg him as a possible suspect.

Mike though is more preoccupied with Lorraine. He has her phone traced and figures out where she is. When he meets her, Broome learns that she’s terminally ill and promises to be there for her.

That afternoon, Harry shows up at Megan’s place. He’s eventually invited in, under the pretense of being her old Spanish teacher. The only trouble is, Megan doesn’t actually know Spanish. Kayleigh figures out something is awry and calls her mum out for it.

Ray is eventually called in for questioning properly. During his statement, he confirms he was out drinking on April 16th. He was at a pub first before eventually arriving at Viper’s. This was around midnight but the details are hazy, given he was drunk. He does lie though and purposefully omits that a fight broke out.

Ray confirms he was mugged the morning after the incident, but admits to being the one to bring the photos he did have from his camera to the police. He did this anonymously to hide his identity from the muggers, worried they’d come back and get him.

When Ray finds out the blood is Guy’s rather than Carlton’s, he’s confused and more than a little alarmed. Ray also seems to lie about not seeing Stewart Green in the woods too, and given he knows the ruins “like the back of his hand”, it’s all leading up to the police trying to incriminate Ray for killing Guy.

Ray eventually leaves and heads back to see Fester. He confirms that Ray showed up that night covered in blood with a faraway look in his eyes. This does seem to back up the theory that he’s the killer.

Ray finds out the address for Kayleigh’s car and as any paparazzi does, he follows from afar. In doing so, he traces her back home where she gets out the car and greets her Mum. Ray steps out the car and he’s shocked to see her.

Meanwhile, Broome heads over to Sarah’s place and heads down to the basement. There, he grabs a crowbar and breaks into a hidden door, which happens to hold a suitcase with money inside… and a nametag for Stewart Green.

After an earlier run-in with the dancing twins, Harry is also found dead, framed to look like a drug overdose.

The Episode Review

So what did happen to Stewart’s body? What’s the link to all these disappearances? And will anyone actually do some proper police work into Cassie/Megan? Mike had the perfect opportunity this episode to check her registration plate or even put a tracker on her but he doesn’t do either.

Could Broome be involved in all this in some way? Or is this one big red herring? With Harry dead and Barbie and Ken out on the hunt, presumably working with Goldberg, everything is left wide open for where the second half of this series may go.

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