Station Eleven – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Dr. Chaudhary

Episode 9 of Station Eleven begins almost a year into the viral outbreak. We’re back in the frozen tundra, and Jeevan is with Kirsten, out hunting together. They’re no longer snowed in either, courtesy of a snowplow passing, which opens up the road for them to leave.

While Jeevan wants to go out scavenging, Kirsten has her doubts. She doesn’t want to leave the cabin just yet. The pair have trouble connecting, especially following Frank’s death. This is only made worse by Jevan’s nickname; “Leavin’ Jeevan.” Frank’s ghost continues to haunt Jeevan and Kirsten, coming between the pair as they continue to try and survive.

Jeevan heads out scavenging at a nearby house, finding a wig and trying to impress Kirsten. However, she’s not even paying attention through the scope of her gun. She’s reading her comic.

Things take a horrid turn when an opportunistic survivor arrives and shoots him. Thankfully Jeevan manages to overcome the threat but given Kirsten wasn’t there when he needed her, it’s something else that adds to their strained relationship.

That night Jeevan realizes they need other people, and a fight ensues between the two. The same fight, as it turns out, that we saw snippets during Alex and Kirsten’s fight. This time though we see the devastating impact of their final chat in its raw intensity.

It’s a really powerful moment, one that accentuates the rifts growing between the pair. Everything crescendos that night when Jeevan heads out to grab the Station Eleven comic. Unfortunately, he’s attacked by wild animals.

We then cut to 18 days before winter solstice. Jeevan awakens in the snow and tries to crawl back to their house. Instead, he’s picked up by the snow-plower, who takes him to a whole community of people, holding up in a store that’s been turned into a birthing center.

It’s been 14 days since he collapsed and with 4 days to go, Jeevan awakens and pleads with his “rescuers” to go and help the 9 year old at a cabin (that being Kirsten of course.) Instead, he’s faced with the horrifying truth that he’s had his foot amputated and his previous cry on the radio – claiming that he’s alone – is enough for them to keep him safe for the time being.

If that wasn’t enough, one of the women actually checked the cabin recently but Kirsten was nowhere to be seen.

Jeevan eventually grows close to one of the women, who offers him a ride back to his cabin. Inside, the place is empty save for a compass, left on the table specifically for Jeevan. Kirsten has left, presumably out in the woods for the next year or so. We know she’s battle-hardened and capable with a gun, so it seems like this is how she survived. It’s also a significantly heartbreaking way for Jeevan and Kirsten to part ways.

So what happened to Jeevan? Well, fast forward to year 20 and Jeevan is now Dr. Chaudhary and he’s with that woman we saw him leave with before.

The Episode Review

The penultimate episode to Station Eleven is easily one of the best of the season. The heartbreaking way Kirsten and Jeevan parted ways is a tough pill to swallow and ironically revolves around the Station Eleven comic again.

Seeing how all the pieces slot together is a really nice way to start rounding out this season but it also brings up another big problem. Given how harsh and hostile this world is – the scavenger trying to steal from Jeevan and the other guy in the apartment – are we led to believe that these people no longer exist 19 years later? Has everyone just grown soft and naively believed they won’t be attacked, living harmoniously together? It’s a pretty big jump to be honest.

Despite these gripes, the episode is still really strong, helping to show the wedge caused by Frank’s death. Jeevan has clearly made a big impact on Kirsten’s life and although she didn’t see it back then, hearing Kirsten utter the same words Jeevan did back at the cabin is evidence that they at least have their head screwed on when it comes to the harsh threat of the post-apocalyptic world.

Quite how everything is going to come together for the finale next week though is anyone’s guess.

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  1. I don’t get how Kirsten got back her blood stained copy of the Station 11, given Jeevan didn’t meet Kirsten. Did Kirsten get back to the cabin at some future date, and Jeevan had left it there?

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