Station 19 – Season 7 Episode 10 Recap , Review & Ending Explained

One Last Time

Episode 10 of Station 19 season 7 picks up where we left off, with Andy trying to save Maya. The team quickly approaches to help. Maya starts to panic but calms down as she starts picturing what she would like to have in the future. She sees a future where she and Carina expand their family and live happily ever after. After managing to get Maya, the team continues their efforts to contain the fire.

Does the team contain the fire?

It’s a gruelling and uphill battle as the team fights to save people trapped in the wildfire, with the winds relentlessly working against them. Despite the fire’s escalating intensity, the team refuses to back down. They’re forced to use every resource at their disposal to protect themselves from the fire tornado, all while being cut off from command and with a patient in critical condition. 

Andy, displaying her characteristic selflessness, quietly slips away from the team. She’s determined to ensure their safety and believes that seeking help is the best course of action. After the fire subsides, the team moves position while trying to get out of the forest. However, the fire engulfs everything in its path, and they are lost. 

Elsewhere, Warren and Carina return to the forest to help a pregnant woman deliver her baby. Although  Carina is pregnant, she chooses to risk her life to save another. They arrive just in time to help the woman deliver her baby in the car while Warren tries to slow down the fore from reaching them.

Beckett decides to play hero because he believes he has no one waiting for him on the other side. However, the team tries to stop him. Travis, Vic, Amaya and Maya run after him. On the way, they find Andy and Tulalip firefighters who came to save them. Together, the team works to finally put out the fire. Sadly, after putting out the fire, Andy faints and is rushed to the hospital. She is in a critical condition for a while, but of course, our girl pulls through. Simultaneously, Maya and Carina happily celebrate their pregnancy news.

Who dies in the fire?

Unfortunately, Kate Powell is killed when she is caught up in the fire tornado. Travis and Amaya are unable to get to her. Theo also got seriously hurt, but he manages to pull through after an emergency surgery. 

What happens to the team?

Throughout the last episode, each team member is seen thinking about the future. They all still have dreams and ambitions. They mostly turn their minds to positive thoughts to escape the dim reality they are in. After surviving the ghastly wildfire, the team sees some drastic changes. Vic leaves for  D.C., and Travis decides to join her. The two besties can’t live without each other. 

Warren also decides to resign and return to finish his surgical residency. The way this man switches from one career to another is mind-blowing. However, he is simply going back to Grey Sloan, which might mean we will be seeing him in Grey’s Anatomy. 

The Visions and Their Meaning

Every team member has a vision, which gives us a glimpse of what they thought or wanted their future to be. In Andy’s vision, she sees Gibson, possibly implying that he is her endgame. When we started the show, the two were in love, and Gibson wanted to propose. 

Sullivan and Natasha see a future that involves them getting married and living happily ever after. This means that they still want to be in each other’s lives. Beckett sees himself dating Natasha’s sister. He is ready to move on and create a better future for himself. After everything he has been through, he deserves to have someone waiting for him at the end of every shift.

Travis sees himself with Amaya. It makes us wonder if he is truly open to loving again. Did he finally find his second soulmate? After losing his husband, Travis went through a long, painful grieving period. He hurt people unintentionally and had serious commitment issues. Is he in his healed era now?

There is also Theo, a man who broke our hearts when he hurt our girl Vic. Nonetheless, humans are to err, and it looks like, in his vision, he has learned from his mistakes. Although not with Vic, he sees himself as a family man with a happy wife and son.  

As for Warren, he envisions a happy family with Miranda, celebrating their children’s success in their various walks of life. He sees himself as a proud father and husband. We have no doubt that he will remain the stronghold of his family and always lead with love. After all, Ben Warren is a rare gem of a man! He has been nothing but inspirational from his days in Grey’s Anatomy to Station 19. 

In Vic’s vision, she sees herself finally getting the Crisis One program to all states in America. Dean makes a special return to congratulate her and say how proud he is of her. Looking back, no one could have championed the programme better than Vic. Dean knew this all along, and his legacy will live on through the essential life-saving programme. It also points out that her decision to move to  D.C. was the right choice. All these visions showed us why the firefighters fought so hard to live. They had things and people to look after and a whole future. 

How does Station 19 end?

A few years later, Station 19 is standing but with new faces. Maya takes over as Station 19 captain while Andy is promoted to Fire Chief. In the finale, she visits Station 19 and gives the newbies an empowering speech on what it means to be a firefighter in Station 19. She reminds them about the legacy of the station and why it is all about serving the community and being selfless. Truer words have never been said!

As the team responds to a call, Andy hangs back and drops by the barn and looks at her father’s picture. I am pretty sure her old man is smiling proudly, looking down on her. We certainly are proud of the amazing, confident and strong leader Andy turned out to be.  

The Episode Review

While we wanted more from Station 19, we can’t help but agree that the writers gave the show a befitting ending. In retrospect, all the characters have come a long way. We met most of these characters as they were struggling to find their positions in life and careers. However, along the way, they figured things out and got to where they were supposed to be. It took them a lot of tears, loss, pain, and even happy moments to find their true calling and heal from past traumas. Overall, the show gave us so many life lessons, and we will always be grateful for that. 

Station 19 also touched on many themes that most shows never discuss. The writers found a way to tell the current issues going on in the world through these amazing characters, including sexual abuse, abortion laws, LGBTQ rights, police brutality, mental health, and so on. This not only educated many but also gave new perspectives on why these things are happening and what can be done. 

Watching Station 19 has been an intriguing journey, and these characters have slowly seeped into our lives. Sadly, it is time to say goodbye, and it is harder than we expected. Nonetheless, let us take this opportunity to thank the whole team behind this show and wish them the best in their endeavours. Until we meet again, Station 19 will always have a special place in our hearts!

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