Station 19 – Season 7 Episode 5 Spoilers: Does Ben survive?

I hope you are ready to slide down the fireman pole because an all-new season of Station 19 is here, and the drama is piping!  This season started on a sad note after what went down with Gibson. Unfortunately, there is more bad fortune running around in Station 19. Brace yourself since this article contains spoilers!

Station 19  Season 7 Episode Episode 4 [Spoilers]

There was a lot to unpack in this episode. Here, we followed the team’s struggles to keep it together during a gruelling 24-hour shift. 

For starters, Ben and Travis were at each other’s throats. Ben was in terrible back pain, but he refused to acknowledge this, which made Travis angry. His actions would have jeopardised the team, but thankfully, they made it through the shift. 

Andy struggled to find a way around the budget cuts and the ongoing internal fights threatening to push her to the cliff’s edge. It didn’t help that the team lost one of their most expensive tools and could not finish a call. She also got into it with Natasha since she felt betrayed by the request to cut their budget.

Andy was under the idea that the deal with the new Mayor meant that they wouldn’t get budget cuts, and 19 would remain intact. She deems Natasha’s plan to go along with the Mayor’s request as a betrayal. Natasha’s decision also threatens her relationship with Sullivan.

Meanwhile, Theo tries to patch things up with Vic. However, Vic has a lot on her plate and is not in the mental space to deal with this. She is burned out and accidentally misses a call while she is napping. It is not easy to deal with Kate’s presence, so we don’t blame her.

Beckett also struggled but made it out of the shift without drinking. Largely, this is because of his will to fight his addiction and Sullivan’s help. 

As for Maya and Carina, they argued about their parenting styles but quickly made up.

What to expect in episode 5?

According to the teaser, Andy and her team are in the spotlight as they rush to save the iconic Seattle landmark, the Space Needle. Natasha advises Andy to handle the call carefully, as the world is watching. The pressure couldn’t have come at a worse time. The team is already struggling with budget cuts, exhaustion, and so on.

The word “Mayday” keeps coming over the radio, and Sullivan and Ben are not reporting back. At one point, Andy questions if Natasha is taking over command as things get intense.

However, what worries us is that Ben is seemingly sending his last message to Bailey. He says there is no way out. Does this mean this is the end for Ben? They can’t do this to us! We have been through enough, and if Ben dies, it will devastate 19 and us.

Another cause of worry is Vic, who is hanging on a harness, but the helicopters flying above her make climbing and performing her job hard. And then there is Beckett, who is turning out to be an alright fella now. He falls from a high point, and Maya frantically tries to get him to respond on his radio. 

We don’t know what will happen, but grab a box of tissues because there will be tears and close calls. Who knows, we might lose someone, and the 5-5-5 might be sounded.


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