Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 7 “We Build Then We Break” Recap & Review

We Build Then We Break

Episode 7 of Station 19 season 6 starts with Meredith Grey watching as firefighters try to stop the fire currently engulfing her house. On the other hand, Gibson visits Station 19 and discovers Maya passed out in the gym. He quickly rushes her to the hospital and Teddy starts treating her.

After handling the fire at Meredith’s house, they return to their fire station. Natasha informs Travis that the Union is giving him another chance since he couldn’t make it to the first meeting. Travis is not excited about the second opportunity prompting Ben to ask why. Travis is feeling guilty for ordering Eli to release the domestic call abuse they handled at Dixon’s home. As they wonder where Maya is, the Aid team gets another call.

As the Aid team leaves, Natasha visits Beckett in his office. She informs him that she has been getting reports with concerns about his leadership. Beckett assumes that the person filing the reports is Maya but Natasha tells him he is wrong. She has been getting multiple reports from different people. She asks Beckett if he has been taking a step back on calls. Beckett tells her that it was during a shift and he wanted to teach Andy a lesson.

Natasha tells him that the complaints started before that specific shift. She asks if he needs help or a mental check to handle the pressure that comes with the job. Beckett tells her that he is fine and she asks him to handle his team. She doesn’t want to see any more alarming reports about his leadership.

Elsewhere, Travis confesses to Ben about his mistake and Ben asks him to stop the article from being published. He is worried that the consequences of Travis’ outing of Dixon as a wife abuser might be catastrophic to 126 and Crisis One.  He expresses his disappointment in Travis. Travis promises to call Eli and fix the issue.

Vic and Andy take the call and head to the site to find the police pinning a young, African American boy down on the streets. The young man is clearly shaken and scared for his life as one officer points his gun at him and another two hold him down on the ground.

Vic tries to de-escalate the situation, but the police insist that the young man was acting suspiciously and started running when they tried to interrogate him.  Vic asks them to draw back their guns and let them help the young man. The police agree to untie the young man and allow him to be treated by Andy and Vic.

Andy and Vic try to ask the Young man his side of the story and he tells them that he had just gone out to buy butter. He was making pancakes for his mom’s birthday and realised that he was out of butter. The police approached him and he panicked and started running. Andy and Vic realise that the police were profiling the young man. Vic secretly radios in and asks for a chief to the scene.

Meanwhile, Gibson informs Carina that he had to bring Maya to the hospital after finding her passed out in the gym. Carina rushes to Maya’s room and finds that she is conscious but Teddy tells her they still need to monitor her. Maya’s extreme workout regime caused her to have rhabdomyolysis. Teddy asks  Maya to get some rest but  Maya wants to go home.

Back at the station, three women walk in and ask the firefighters to help them with their scavenger hunt. They are hoping to win a cruise and the theme is focused on firefighters. After a bit of push and pull, the firefighters agree to help them finish the list of requirements on their list.

One of the requirements is to take a photo with a shirtless firefighter and Sullivan and Travis take one for the team.  The team and the ladies have the time of their lives and through their conversations, Sullivan realizes he was wrong to push for more with Natasha.

Speaking of Natasha, she leaves the station to go help Vic and Andy on their crisis call. She arrives to find the situation has gotten worse after Dixon showed up to protect the unjust arrest his officers made.  Dixon tries to play hardball with them but they choose to protect the young man.

The young man has another panic attack and tries to run and Andy holds him back. The officers draw their tasers but Natasha warns them that it will be a wrong move. She noticed that the police don’t have their body cams on and a woman from across the street has been recording the video of the arrest. Dixon sees that the only option he has is to let the man go. After a few more exchanges of words between him and Natasha, they stand down. Natasha orders Vic and Andy to take the young man home.

At the hospital, Gibson shares the fear he felt when he found Maya and thought she was dead. He is scared to lose someone else and Carina understands how he felt. After evaluating Maya’s condition, Carina and Teddy decide to admit her for a few days until she is more stable. Maya refuses to stay at the hospital and they get into a fight. Carina insists that this is the only way to help her and Maya tells her she is trying to control her.

Carina asks her to stop making the situation worse by fighting the medical advice. Maya tells her that this is not the way to help her. She brings up Delucca’s death and how she gave Carina space. She says that was love and support but what Carina is doing to her is different. Carina starts walking out and Maya tells her that if she walks out the door, they are done. Carina responds that she loses her either way and this is the better option. She leaves and breaks down outside as Teddy tries to restrain Maya.

The next morning, Beckett updates the team about the Maya situation. Natasha asks Gibson to come back to work and fill in for Maya. She also informs Travis that the Union members are waiting for him. Travis heads to the meeting with Ben and states his case. After the meeting, he is in a good mood especially after Eli assured him that he killed the Dixon story. Unfortunately, the news got out and there is already an article about it. Ben is disappointed and Travis wonders what went wrong with Eli. While this goes down, Beckett makes a decision to start drinking again in his office.

On the other hand, Gibson meets his sister and Andy offers her support. Meredith also stops by to thank Andy and the team for saving her house. Sullivan tells Natasha that he is willing to wait until she is ready to give more in their relationship. He tells her that he loves her and she is worth the wait.

Sadly, Carina heads home and starts packing her stuff and Andy visits Maya in the hospital.

The Episode Review

The Carina and Maya break-up hit harder than expected. We knew this was coming but still, nothing could have prepared us for how it ended. Is this really the end for Maya and Carina?

They have had such a good love story and it is so heartbreaking to see it all end up in flames. I wish Maya handled this situation better and accepted that she needed help. Yes, she lost her position as Captain unfairly but she focused so much on that and overlooked other things.

It was triggering to see the police hold the young man down and try to make an unlawful arrest. I was reminded of George Floyd. The reality of how this situation could have turned out is not lost on us.

We have all seen cases where the police profile the minority and they never get to make it home. They die in the hands of the people supposed to protect them.  Police training especially in America is something that needs to be done over and over again until the unjust killings stop.

Beckett is about to run 126 to the ground because of his alcoholism and the fact that he refuses to get treatment.

Lastly, Sullivan and Natasha make a great couple but they have a lot stacked against them. I hope they make it and cherish the journey it took to get them there. It will be sad if they end up like Maya and Carina.

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