Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 6 “Everybody Says Don’t” Recap & Review

Everybody Says Don’t

Station 19 season 6 episode 6 starts with Vic preparing for the firefighter young girl’s camp. She is hoping she can inspire the next generation of young women to choose firefighting as a career. She excitedly calls Maya who is still in bed and doesn’t appreciate the interruption of her sleep. Having been woken up, she decides to go for a run and before she leaves Carina tells her she took a pregnancy test and she is not pregnant.

Maya is offended that Carina took a test without her and kind of lashes out at her. Carina is taken aback by her reaction and they get into another argument so Carina chooses to leave for work.

Elsewhere, Sullivan and Natasha are getting cosy in their secret rendezvous. Natasha asks Sullivan his opinion on Beckett. She tells him that people have been raising concerns. Sullivan says he doubts Beckett is drinking again but it is still clear that he is not much of a leader. They start getting ready for work and Sullivan suggests they ride together to work so he can get out of the car a few blocks away. Obviously, Natasha shuts that idea down quickly and reminds him that they are a covert couple and it is too risky.

Meanwhile, Travis has a meeting with the Union to campaign and prove he is better than Dixon. Vic is jealous that Travis is happy with his new campaign manager, Eli. She vents to Andy who is the number 1 anti -Eli fan. Andy admits she hate googled him the previous night and hates that he is such a do-gooder. If I am whipped but won’t admit it was a person, it would be Andy.

Speaking of Eli, he is steering Travis to leak Dixon’s crisis call to the press. He wants Travis to take off his gloves and get into the dirty games of politics. As expected, Travis is adamantly against this idea and believes it could jeopardize their careers and the future of Crisis 1. Eli is also concerned about Travis being able to make it to the Union meeting but Travis assures him that everything is under control.

The firefighter girls’ camp starts without a hitch but a storm threatens to ruin everything. Luckily, Vic and Natasha are running the show and can handle anything thrown at them. During the camp, the team gets called to help people whose helicopter was been hit by a bolt of lightning. Natasha orders Gibson to help Vic as she handles the situation, Gibson was there to meet Andy.

The team tries their best to help the passengers in the helicopter. The pilot is in bad shape and their efforts to get to him in time fail. Theo notices that Maya is a bit under the weather and asks Andy to watch out for her as Beckett refuses to sit her out. Beckett and Ben have a difference of opinion on how to save one of the passengers. Andy steps up and acts as the Captain for this particular call as Beckett was making the wrong decisions. She vetos him and allows Ben to save the patient as he wanted to. She also takes over Maya’s position which annoys her.

Back at the station, Natasha asks Vic her opinion on Beckett and you best believe Vic didn’t mince her words. Gibson has a great time teaching the young girls and is reminded about why he loved his job. On the other hand, Vic starts having a crisis as she wonders if she is doing what she is meant to do. Luckily, Natasha gets through to her and offers her the job of running Crisis 1 officially.

The team gets back to the station while Travis rushes to get to the Union meeting. Unfortunately, he is late and Eli is pissed especially because he had told Travis over and over again how important the meeting was. Travis is not happy about missing the meeting either and is more pissed when Dixon mocks him. In a moment of anger, he asks Eli to leak Dixon’s Crisis 1 call. Uhhh! it is about to go down!

On the other hand, Andy talks with Maya. Maya accuses Andy of embarrassing her on the field but Andy is not having it. She tells Maya that she is self-destructing and is working on a solo mentality while they are meant to be a team. She asks Maya to stop fighting against the people who are helping her. Maya ignores her and heads to the gym leaving Andy speaking mid-conservation.

After her talk with Vic, Natasha realizes that she can’t risk her career over her relationship with Sullivan and she ends it. Sullivan is surprised but there is nothing he can do.

At the gym, Maya pushes herself too hard and has an accident. Unfortunately, the team is rushing to another call and no one spots her. The episode ends with her injured and passed out on the floor and Andy wondering why she is not in the engine with them.

The Episode Review

Given that this is the fall finale, the show amped up the stakes. It was surprising seeing Vic questioning herself; she is usually so sure about her passion for her job. We will have to wait and see if she will accept the job to manage Crisis 1.

Travis let his anger get the best of him and leaking Dixon’s Crisis 1 call will probably come back and bite him in his behind! It will probably affect his relationship with Vic and Gibson too, who worry about Miller’s legacy. Hopefully, Eli won’t go through with the leak but it most likely won’t end well.

It was only a matter of time before Maya’s body gave out. She has been overworking, spending all her free time at the gym and under a lot of stress. She forgets that she is only human and she shouldn’t push herself so hard. The sad part is that she had the ability to get over the anger but she let it consume her and now it is destroying her.

We will have to wait until February 23rd to learn her fate. Do you think she will make it unscathed?

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