Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 4 “Demons” Recap & Review


Episode 4 of Station 19 season 6 starts with Gibson drowning his sorrows in a beer bottle, Maya working overtime and Travis throwing a campaign event at a local bar. Maya working overtime understandably frustrates Carina who is at home all by herself.

The next morning, Becket is unusually chirper, it is scary and so weird but he loves Halloween. At least we get to see a friendlier side to him. Travis’ campaign event at the bar was a disaster and he is not happy about it.

On the other hand, Sullivan is on his way out from his last shift and is heading out for a romantic weekend with his “mysterious” lady friend he met on the internet. Our roasting queen Vic, doesn’t miss a chance to tease him as the rest of the team joins in. However, Sullivan is in high spirits and is unbothered by all the teasing.

His romantic getaway out of town turns out to be with no other than Ross. Are we surprised? No, it was pretty obvious they were still into one another. Ross doesn’t want their relationship to be public because it will jeopardize their career, particularly for her. It is amazing how sexism continues to thrive in this era.

Vic is wondering why no women firefighters showed up at Travis’ campaign event. Andy points out the statistics of how women only make up 7% of firefighters. Later, at the trick-and-treat party at the fire station, Vic suggests organizing a girls’ camp and trying to reach out to more young girls to choose to be firefighters.

Ben is frustrated that Miranda (his amazing wife) is not going to be able to bring Prue to the fire station for trick and treat. Fortunately his elder son Joey will bring her. Ben wanted Miranda to be there for Prue’s first Halloween but Vic gives him a speech and sets him straight. You gotta love Vic with her sexy feminist brain!

At the line-up that morning, Beckett pulls a prank on Maya by pouring a gooey concoction all over her. Ben promises to get him back and later pulls a prank on him. On this one, I think we can all agree that Ben won.

Travis gets an expected visit from Eli, who wants to be his new campaign manager. I love Vic but she has no experience managing a political campaign and I am already swayed by Eli’s cute smile. Please, don’t pretend as if you are immune!

Eli tries to charm and flirts with Andy to see if she will help him convince Travis to hire him. Andy is hesitant but Eli’s consistently annoying habit of showing up out of thin air wears her down and she agrees.

The team gets a call to the hayground and the call escalates from a simple aid call to a full-blown fire. Maya goes against Beckett’s orders and puts herself in danger two times. Once they get back to the station, Theo goes ham on them and forces them to reflect on their actions. Beckett asks Maya to go home as she has been working one shift after another with no rest. It is toxic and why did Beckett allow it?

Maya agrees to go home and tells Carina that she will come home and Carina is happy about it. Maya is not okay and that is clear after seeing how hard she cried alone in the shower. It is taking a toll on her too but she is not ready to ask for help.

Gibson also has a unique visit from the dead Rigo ( You know, the man he blames himself for “killing” and whose wife he is currently sleeping with.) Gibson is high on drugs and alcohol and starts hallucinating Rigo. He talks to his ghost and confesses he doesn’t think he deserves love or happiness. Ghost Rigo calls him out and Gibson decides to go to the fire station. He is in bad shape but he wants to see Prue and Andy and Vic allow him.

The Episode Review

I wanted to high-five Theo when he called out Maya and Beckett on how they have been acting. He is right and it is about time someone calls both of them out on how their actions are affecting the team. At this point, Beckett has taken this whole “getting back at Maya” too far. I know Maya brought it on herself but I think she has been punished enough.

I understand why Maya is still angry, she lost her position unfairly, and how she chose to get it back was so underhanded. It is hard to sympathize with her, especially seeing how she is treating Carina. It is hard to watch because she is in pain but won’t let anyone help her and it is taking a toll on everyone close to her.

Ross and Sullivan are playing a game of Russian roulette and sooner or later they will pay the price. Is it fair? No, but it is the hard reality on the ground. Ross has more at stake and, sadly, this relationship will undermine her role as Chief. Only time will tell so let us sit back and see how this relationship will go.

Gibson is in a dark place but maybe his talk with ghost Rigo is the intervention he needed. He can still get back on his feet and has people who love him and will be there for him. I hope this will be his wake-up call especially now that Eva has dumped him.

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2 thoughts on “Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 4 “Demons” Recap & Review”

  1. @ R you are right, Maya is not a bad guy but how she is handling the demotion is what I find conflicting. Also, she is the one pushing people away and ignoring other things happening around her. It is okay to be angry at what happened but is it an excuse for her to stop being a good wife and a good friend? Letting the anger win won’t help anyone.

  2. I completely disagree. Maya has been treated horribly by her team so many times it’s hard to keep count. She was blackmailed to accept the demotion and still nothing. Carina talks about being happy because apparently she was fine as long as Maya could pretend it didn’t bother her. And after everything SFD has put Maya through and her inability to get them to give her a hearing, I won’t condemn her for an impulsive move that she didn’t even see through. People want to see Maya as the bad guy. I won’t do that. These 6 episodes have been a master class in watching her wife and her team and Beckett/Sullivan/Ross destroy her then criticize her for “self”-destructing.

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