Station 19 – Season 6 Episode 2 Recap & Review

Everybody’s Got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey

Episode 2 of Station 19 Season 6 starts with Theo and Vic having a steamy moment in the shower. Maya is still getting a hard time from Beckett while Travis is in denial that he is becoming famous and might actually win the election. Theo thinks he should get a boyfriend and Vic (his self-proclaimed campaign manager) agrees it is a great idea. Theo and Vicky decide to set him up on a date. I am not sure this will work out, Travis messed up big time in his last relationship. Will he be able to manage a new relationship while running for mayor and being a full-time firefighter?

Meanwhile, Ben is trying to figure out why Beckett is baying for Maya’s blood and Theo reveals that he overheard Carina and Beckett’s conversation about the blackmail. Theo is so nosy, I love it. The rest of the team finds it hard to believe but Vicky thinks it is possible. They are more curious to find out what Maya could possibly blackmail the Chief with. Sullivan remains quiet during this conversation and Andy notices it. Andy confronts Maya and tells her that was a stupid plan and  Maya tells her about Sullivan and Chief Natasha relationship.

On the other hand, Gibson visits the hospital to have his hand checked. He gets treated by Carina who calls him out for abandoning them when he was committed to being their donor. Carina is not in a particularly good mood. Blame the hormones and her ongoing fight with Carina. Gibson confides in Carina that he did leave to look for his foster siblings but hit a dead end. Carina is moved by Gibson’s pain enough to put her anger aside and advises him to stop dealing with his pain alone.

The team is called to handle a crypto fire and they discover they are dealing with ticking time bombs across the city. Some guy had a “brilliant” idea to illegally install crypto mines in low-income houses and it is starting electrical fires.

Carina later visits the fire station and shares that she met Gibson at the hospital and he was not okay. Maya says she is not interested in helping him as she is dealing with her own problems and is still angry that Gibson “ditched” them. Carina asks Maya how she is dealing with her problems as she has not yet  found a therapist. Maya lashes out at Carina because she feels it is unfair that Carina wants her to get help and go to therapy.

As Maya and Carina closely lie on the verge of breaking up, Theo and Vic couldn’t be more in love even if they tried. I am so here for them being in their happy era, it has been a long time coming. However, Vic is worried that they are too happy. After all the heartbreaks and traumas that they have had to deal with, I can understand why she is afraid another shoe is about to drop.

The episode ends with Maya giving Beckett a peace offering and declaring a truce. The only problem is she gave him alcohol and Beckett is a recovering alcoholic!

The Episode Review

Maya needs to get herself together before Carina walks out. This was supposed to be a happy moment for them but Maya is in self-destruct mode. She is about to crash and burn bridges. She surprises me with how she hits a new low in every episode lately.

I am happy for Vic and Theo though, they make a cute, sexy couple and I just need them to work out. There is only so much heartbreak I can take and Marina is already shattering my poor heart to pieces.

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