State Champs – Kings Of The New Age | Album Review

State Champs - Kings Of The New Age

Track List

Here to Stay
Everybody but You
Outta My Head
Fake It
Half Empty
Just Sound
Act Like That
Where Were You
Some Minds Don’t Change


State Champs has always been a band that doesn’t take life too seriously and they’ve built on their success by creating quick-fired pop punk songs, which, in truth, don’t seem technical or too in depth. With their new album Kings Of The New Age, the band has upped their game, in terms of progressive lyricism. This shift in direction is certainly a good one, and with their lyrics having more oomph, then everything clicks better.

This isn’t a direct assault on State Champs, as they’re a band with some big hits behind them, and they’re an act totally in control of their music, as well as having an infatuated fanbase. It’s just so many pop punk songs lack substance, and they seem bloated, uneventful, and repetitive.

On Kings Of The New Age, thankfully we get songs which do not adhere to the same overworked formula, but actually progress into well woven, pop punk scores.

Rightfully so, State Champs should be commended for not sticking by the same guitar riffs and melodies, and they should be applauded for stretching their muse to a desired stage. The album has so many hooks and so much energy, and doesn’t rely on past achievements either.

Kings Of The New Age has 11 songs to listen to and they all have their qualities. ‘Here To Stay’ starts the record off with a desirable riff, and the song progresses into a hard-hitting pop punk charm. Nightmares are explored here, and dreams seem to have been detached from memory. It is a well-written song, full of rawness and guile.

‘Fake It’ opens with a well-tuned guitar sequence, and the lyrics pinpoint solemnness. It may sound upbeat, but there is a dark undercurrent bubbling to come through. ‘Sundress’ features pop punk legends Four Year Strong showcase strong vocal work and brilliantly weaved lyrics that describe broken relationships.

State Champs haven’t fully changed their makeup or their identity, but they’ve worked on their lyricism and their sound as a whole, making for a compelling listen.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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