Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 9 “Aau’s Song” Recap & Review

Aau’s Song

Episode 9 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 starts with some exposition. The world of Korba was once rich with Kyber crystals but when the Sith arrived, they poisoned it, leaving it corrupted with the blood-red glow of the dark side. Over generations, Korba’s people have learned to mine the corrupted Kyber for the Jedi, who can actually restore them to their natural, harmonious state.

Aau is our protagonist, she lives with her father up the side of the mountain. However, she continues to hear strange choral humming, which seems to be coming from these Kyber crystal.

When Aau’s father, Abat, speaks to a trader called Kratu, Aau happens to be eavesdropping. Kratu doesn’t mind though and she heads outside, giving the young girl a knowing glance. She seems to realize that the Kyber is calling to her. This only grows stronger as time goes on, so Aau decides to heed the call and go searching for its origin.

Part of this comes from a huge tunnel where Abat actually happens to be working. Aau though, slips on the rock and finds herself by another entrance, further down the mountain, and away from the miners. She descends deep into the belly of the mountain, where she sings and as a result, the Kyber interacts with her and flashes all around.

Abat notices what’s happening and as the mountain rumbles, he snatches up Aau and the pair rush away. However, the rope ladder they’re on crumbles and falls, sending Kratu down with her lightsaber to help rescue the pair.

Aau closes her eyes and begins singing back when they reach solid ground, which immediately puts a stop to the Korba crystals. Kratu is astonished when she realizes that Aau’s singing has actually purified all the crystals. Her voice is unique and a gift. However, it would mean that Aau needs to go with her. So after one last meeting with her father, Aau leaves the planet.

The Episode Review

So out of the 9 episodes in this anthology, three of them have been about leaving your old life and going on a new adventure with an adventurer. I know the Hero’s Quest is a very common archetype and instrumental to Star Wars as a whole, but compared to the stories told in the first season, narratively this one has been lacking at times.

However, the art has been fantastic and visually, this is definitely up there with some of Love, Death and Robots’ better episodes. The mythology is still compelling throughout, especially this chapter, and out of all the Star Wars content on the market right now, Visions is arguably the best and most creative offering Lucasfilm have.

This final chapter does well to wrap everything up and it certainly leaves the door open for more to come should this be renewed.

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