Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 8 “The Pit” Recap & Review

The Pit

Episode 8 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 starts with stormtroopers leading a whole bunch of slaves across the desert. They’re then forced to dig. As they continue to dig deeper and deeper, they come across a rare and beautiful resource called Kyber. The same Kyber that’s used for lightsabers. Anyway, the slavers continue day and night, managing to burrow so far down that they run out of places to dig.

Their binds are released but the cheers are short-lived when it becomes clear that these prisoners have been digging their own grave, as the Empire pack up and leave them to their fate.

There’s a big city nearby and one of the prisoners, Crux, intends to leave and bring help to save them all. Crux believes everyone has an inner-light, and no matter how dark things get, fate can be turned around.

This big city is beautiful, boasting huge skyscrapers and a whole array of different aliens of all shapes, colours and sizes. Unfortunately, Crux struggles to find anyone who will listen, so he stands up at the podium and demands the people hear him out, pointing out that there are women and children in this pit.

Stormtroopers show and drag him out to the pit, eventually throwing him to the depths below, but there’s undoubtedly rumblings in the city. As he tumbles down, Crux’s sister Livy remembers Crux’s words to follow the light, so they decide to do just that, and begin chanting “Follow the light”.

It works too, and the citizens from the nearby city show up in their masses, demanding to know what’s happening at the pit. The Stormtroopers decide against getting involved and shooting, fearing a rebellion, so they leave. As for the townsfolk, they fly planes down and rescue all the slaves.

The Episode Review

Episode 8 of Star Wars: Visions delivers a thoroughly entertaining and well written chapter, one that plays out as an allegory for the rich and poor, with the citizens of this big city doing the right thing and saving the slaves before it’s too late.

The characters of Crux and Livy are nicely developed too and there’s a good message in this about following the light and keeping the faith, no matter how dark and bleak things seem to be.

The animation is also another standout element and much like most of the animation featured here, the show is certainly a delight.

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