Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 7 “The Bandits of Golak” Recap & Review

The Bandits of Golak

Episode 7 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 starts with a speeding train across a dusty, desert wasteland. Rani stares out the window while sitting with her brother Charuk. The Empire have taken everything from them and they’re currently fleeing, desperate to find a new life for themselves. Their pa is lost, and they have very little possessions on them.

Rani uses the Force to bring her father’s flute from Charuk’s bag when he heads off to get them some sweets. Unfortunately, this draws a lot of unwanted attention, especially given Charuk pleaded with her beforehand not to do this. Anyway, stormtroopers close in on Rani’s location, and Charuk realizes he needs to do something.

Charuk serves as a distraction, stealing sweets and drawing in the Empire as he heads to the top of the carriage. He’s surprised by the Imperial’s interest in him, despite, y’know, breaking the law, and as stormtroopers show, things look lost.

Thankfully, a rebel group called the Jangori arrive on horses, hitting out at the stormtroopers and turning the tide of battle. As the train enters a tunnel, Rani saves Charuk and the pair make it to their destination. It’s a small, beautifully lit temple settlement called Golak.

Rani is accused of using her Force powers again when a whole bunch of plates rise in the air but in reality it’s the Jedi Master. Despite that, it inevitably draws in the evil Inquisitor, who sits before them and points out they’re after an unusual girl with powers. Rani keeps using her powers, levitating a whole bunch of plates and dropping them to the ground.

Charuk is knocked out soon into this big fight, but the tide soon turns when the village chief herself, Rugal, shows and squares off against the Inquisitor. She bests the Sith, eventually bringing Rani into this inner-circle. She’s to be trained to be a Jedi by Rugal, meaning she has to part ways with her brother, Charuk. “May the Force be with you.” Charuk says, as the episode comes to a close with him playing the flute.

The Episode Review

Out of all the episodes in this anthology, Bandits of Golak may actually be the best so far. The use of colour is exquisite, while the story is well written and features lots of action too. There’s some nice worldbuilding in here and seeing a completely different culture and how they operate with the Empire, is a nice touch.

The fight between the Sith and Jedi is nicely choreographed too, with the camera getting up close and personal, seeing all the detail of this fight.

Ultimately, this is a very enjoyable chapter, leaving the door open for more in the future.

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