Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 6 “The Spy Dancer” Recap & Review

The Spy Dancer

Episode 6 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 starts with us introduced to the beautifully surreal world where a bunch of stormtroopers take center stage in the crowd, waiting for the big show.

Hetis is one of the workers here and she wants to play a bigger part in the fight against the Empire than she currently is. Loi’e, her guardian, is against this and she receives a message from Jon, telling Loi’e she needs to lay ow and bide her time before striking. He’s convinced they have a way out of this and to help the Rebellion but for now, they need to wait.

Loi’e heads downstairs where the big show begins. With all the stormtroopers watching on, Loi’e starts her show, placing what appears to be either an explosive or a tracker, on all the different crowd members. However, she didn’t account for there being an Imperial Officer here, someone whom she appears to have personal ties with.

Flashes at this precise moment seems to show that she had her babe taken away as a kid and she loses her focus. Hetis manages to help save the show, but Loi’e immediately demands everyone leave so she can handle this herself.

Loi’e embraces her rage and lust for revenge, spinning across the room and launching herself at the Imperial Officer. She almost stabs him in the neck but at the last second, realizes it’s a completely different guy than the one she thought. The show is over and with numerous guns on her, Loi’e shows her skills by single-handedly defeating all the troopers, dodging bullets, using her special robe and, eventually, being joined by Hetis who gets involved too.

The fight spills outside, and as Loi’e comes face to face with this Imperial Officer, the truth is unveiled. This is actually Toe’i’s son! This is why she was so adamant that Hetis not kill him inside the theatre, and she admits as much outside.

Jon and the others arrive and save Loi’e, dodging the Empire and racing off. As for our Imperial officer, he finally realizes his heritage and where he’s come from.

The Episode Review

Quite why the Empire decided to snatch up this babe and take him away from her mother is anyone’s guess but the twist at the end, showing that he’s actually Toe’i’s son is a nice touch and definitely helps this episode stand out.

The characters are all well-defined, while the story itself is enjoyable and features a unique and beautifully rendered animation style too. At 16 minutes, this is definitely one of the longer chapters, but it makes the most of that run-time.

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