Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 5 “Journey to the Dark Head” Recap & Review

Journey to the Dark Head

Episode 5 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 channels some serious anime vibes and we are all for it! It starts with a student up at a temple, concerned about the Empire’s growing influence on the world. No one is allowed to go up to the top of the statues, hidden by clouds for centuries.

Toul speaks to the Jedi council and asks for permission to cut off the Dark Head from one of the statues to eradicate the darkness. By breaking the mirror, it would change what is reflected back and one of the women on the council believes it’s a good idea and allows Toul to go on this mission.

Toul only has one shot at this and he needs to make sure he has the right gear before attempting this perilous journey. Along the way, he finds a plucky pilot and the pair prepare to head on their way. However, they’re not alone. Bichan, the evil Sith, is hot on their heels and remains determined to take them down.

The pair fight with lightsabers on a speeder, as our pilot races to the top of the statue, through the clouds and to their destination. The fight is intense, with the pair trading frightening blows before eventually moving to the top of the statue. The pilot places the explosives, ready to knock the statue to kingdom come.

The two fighters continue to trade blows, while the pilot stands in shock as the light and darkness become entangled together. The third image in the visions from the mirror earlier in the episode bleed through. In he ensuing shock of it all, Toul turns and kills Bichan. As he falls, the pilot saves Toul and they land safely down. The pair decide they need to find another ship in order to continue their fight.

The Episode Review

Star Wars: Visions continues to deliver compelling adventures, this time through a well written and enjoyable story that channels serious anime vibes. The idea of these two statues, working in equilibrium is a nice way of visually showing the balance between the Dark and Light side.

Toul and the pilot have good banter and chemistry across the chapter and the inclusion of a speeder fight, not to mention the visions and the little twist at the end, make for a wholly compelling and enjoyable chapter.

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