Star Wars: Visions – Season 2 Episode 3 “In The Stars” Recap & Review

In The Stars

Episode 3 of Star Wars: Visions season 2 starts with a TIE Fighter screeching down to the surface of a planet. It seeks out any survivors, but thankfully misses sight of a young girl that attempts to try and use Force powers to stop it. It doesn’t seem to work and the very little clean water she and her sister have left is used on their Mum’s headstone to exude exposition about what happened in the past.

The Empire have taken the water and poisoned this world, leaving the natives angry and lusting for revenge. Their mum head off to confront the Empire and led the charge for a band of rebels but their power was no match for the Imperials, who killed them all. If she had no fought, she’d still be there with her kids but instead, the sisters are alone.

Tichina is the name of our protagonist and she wants to go with her sister, Koten, deep into the water plant in the distance to get more clean water. She’s adamant that she’s strong enough but Koten is not so sure.

The pair head into the factory, where Tichina helps turn the tide of battle as the Imperials are alerted to their presence. A big fight breaks out, as Tichina believes she’s graced with her mothers strength, which is why they’re surviving.

Tichina decides to defy her sister’s pleas and head back towards a large tank full of clean water. She holds out her hand to try and use the Force but the Imperial officer shows up first and decides she needs to be thrown into the poisoned water. The thing is, it’s not Tichina with the power, it’s actually Koten, and she manages to stop her sister from falling.

Together, they work together and manage to get rid of the AT-ST that confronts them, knocking over the clean water which spills through the factory and into the river.

Having survived, the sisters realize they’ll never be alone and look up at the stars, which shows all the ancestors shining down on them.

The Episode Review

Star Wars: Visions returns with another good episode, one that utilizes a great animation style and with a simple but effective story. The little twist at the end that it’s actually Koten, not Tichina, wielding the Force is a nice touch while that universal machine vs nature conflict does well to shine through here too, harking back to the conflict that made the battle of Andor so memorable.

The characters are decent enough too, delivering one of the better episodes this season thus far.

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