Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 7 “The Elder” Recap & Review

The Elder

Episode 7 of Star Wars: Visions begins with Dan and his Master traveling through hyperspace, intending to visit the Outer Rim. Dan longs for more action; be careful what you wish for though, you may just get it. As his Master senses a disturbance in the Force, he prepares for an ancient darkness to attack.

Together they make it to their destination, a quaint village on a peaceful planet. It turns out an elderly man arrived earlier in the week and walked off toward the mountains.

This Elder could well be deceptive, and through the Habo people Dan’s master decides to stay and wait over his ship until he returns. Dan is determined to go on the hunt though, with plans to head up alone to the mountains. He’s obviously after the Elder.

Separated, the Master finds the Elder’s starship and realizes he could well be a Sith lord. This changes everything, and sensing this could put Dan in danger, warns him to be careful. However, Dan winds up stumbling upon the Elder after receiving this message.

Dan decides against running though, eventually going toe to toe with the old man. Dan is not much of a match though and he’s soon struck down. The elder awaits the Master to show up, believing him to be strong in the force. Thanks to a distraction from the weakened Dan, the master stabs the elder and kills him. Just before he disintegrates, the Elder presses a button and blows up his ship.

In the aftermath of this, Dan and the Master discuss who this Elder was. They believe he could well have been part of the Sith but become disillusioned by their teachings and broken away long ago. It’s all speculation at this point but it does help to show the inevitability of time.

With the Master growing weaker and Dan growing stronger, we leave this chapter with lots of intrigue and unanswered questions.

The Episode Review

Star Wars: Visions bows out with a compelling chapter with a deeper thematic meaning, one that shows how time can be both a blessing and a curse. With the elder and master playing up the wizened roles, it falls to rash Dan to learn a harsh lesson.

After being struck down, it took the two of them together to finish off this mysterious man. It would seem he was part of the Sith at one point, although how and why he broke away remains unanswered.

One thing’s for sure though, there’s a lot of intrigue with this storyline and the way this chapter concludes, leaves lots of unanswered questions that fans hungry for more Star Wars content will be happy to try and answer.

This is another decent inclusion in this anthology, rounding things out with a satisfying fight and decent characterization.

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