Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 6 “TO-B1” Recap & Review


Episode 6 of Star Wars: Visions begins with a quirky opening, as bright visuals and a fuzzy aesthetic pave way for TO-B1, a sentient android, to be brought online by Professor Mitaka.

The Professor is working hard to restore life on the planet but TO-B1 is impatient. He wants to head off and explore the galaxy, dreaming of becoming a Jedi knight.

The Professor tasks the young droid with finding a kyber crystal if he has any hope of making his dream become a reality. When he fails to do so, the Professor encourages him to use the force. Only, he heads down into the basement and ends up sending a radio broadcast out from a ship belonging to him. Within this message, he calls out for the Jedi to join him.

Unfortunately, this message is picked up by the Sith who show up on the planet. It turns out Professor Mitaka is actually a Jedi and he intends to face this Sith lord head-on.

When TO-B1 finally comes out of hiding, he finds the place abandoned and ruined. It seems Mitaka was not successful in his endeavour.

Determined to make the professor’s dream a reality, TO-B1 patches the place back up again and restores the lab to how it was before. As rain begins to fall, TO-B1 uses the force and manages to uncover a lightsaber. Just in time for the Sith to show.

TO-B1 squares off against this Sith, using the other droids to gain a tactical advantage. Eventually TO-B1 manages to destroy the evil warrior, establishing order on the planet. With the planet back to the beauty it once possessed, TO-B1 heads off to fulfill the professor’s legacy, determined to make good on his promise to become a Jedi knight.

The Episode Review

This episode of Visions does well to mix things up, with a more Disney-esque art style. The idea of a droid becoming a Jedi is certainly an interesting one and something that hasn’t really been explored all that much in Star Wars. Here though the episode does a good job showcasing TO-B1’s powers, while helping to restore order back to this once-lifeless planet.

The open ending does well to serve as a possible stepping stone to more adventures for TO-B1, while also doing enough to remain as a standalone chapter too.

Either way though, the episode does well to provide an enticing chapter of action.

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