Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 5 “The Ninth Jedi” Recap & Review

The Ninth Jedi

Episode 5 of Star Wars: Visions begins with hope for the galaxy. This comes in the form of Margrave Juro, ruler of the planet Hy Izlan. He intends to try and harvest rare kyber crystals in order to bring the Jedi back. Only, dark forces conspire to thwart this, launching their own sinister plan to destroy the remaining Jedi and bring about the Sith ruling all.

This forms the basis of our animated adventure, as a man named Ethan shows up on the planet following an emergency transmission. Other Jedi also arrive too, sporting the same message, and question whether Juro can be trusted – and whether he actually does have a lightsaber or not.

Meanwhile, a young girl called Kara is tasked with bringing the newly created lightsabers to the temple. When Sith show up to confront the smith over his illegal operations, her father, Lah Zhima, hurries Kara out the building and tasks her with hurrying to the temple.

With her father in a rough way, Kara charges toward the temple on her speeder. Realizing she’s running out of time – and land – Kara manages to use one of the lightsabers to stop the pursuing enemy.

Eventually she does manage to make it to the Aerial temple, handing over the sabers to those in attendance. Each of the lightsabers though turn red when these alleged Jedi grab them. It turns out though that those in the room are actually decoys, Sith planted in their stead. When Margrave Juro does show up, he helps the small band of Jedi to turn the tide of battle, thwarting the threat for now.

Although the war is far from over, Karo is encouraged to step up and become part of the newly formed council.

The Episode Review

With a nice twist and some good worldbuilding, the latest episode of Visions manages to turn a simple coming of age story into a pretty compelling battle between good and evil. The narration at the start helps to set the scene, which is then matched by a good little twist featuring the Jedi inside the council.

While the chapter is a bit of a slow burn and the ending teases more of a follow-up, this is definitely one of the better episodes of this anthology.

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