Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Twins” Recap & Review

The Twins

Episode 3 of Star Wars: Visions begins with a look at two imperial star destroyers linked together. Onboard is a dangerous Sith by the name of Master Am, who happens to be ruling with her brother, Karre.

Together, they intend to rule the galaxy after being created by the power of the dark side. Their dark armour is being fueled by a power source deep in the heart of the ship, held within a crystal.

This power is so great that they intend to use to fuel a hyper cannon – that exact weapon that seems to be fusing these two destroyers together. Only, Karre appears to be having second thoughts and he takes the crystal for himself.

As he makes his way to the hangar, Am shows up to stop him. He abandons his armour and ends up completely exposed as the pair get ready to duel it out. However, Karre’s droid serves as a welcome distraction, allowing this guy to hop aboard his X-Wing and make it out the hangar.

Am steps out onto the hull and pulls the ship back, using her force powers to keep him in close proximity. I’m guessing she can breathe in outer space because… why not? And just to make things even more incredulous, Karre (who has absolutely no armour on if you’ll remember) ends up on the hull of the ship too, with the pair using their force powers to wrestle for the crystal core.

With the crystal exposed, Karre admits that he was able to use the force to see a vision of his sister dying after using the crystal. Am ignores his pleas though and decides to use the crystal’s power herself.

Sporting a blue lightsaber, Karre squares off against Am but she releases too much energy from her suit in the process and looks set to die.

Well, Am uses the power of deus ex machina (or in this case, the lightsaber combined with the ship’s hyperdrive to thwart Am’s threat) to destroy the star destroyer, ripping it in half and sending Am floating through space. That is, until she’s picked up by her droid…who actually happens to be wearing a spacesuit. Honestly, what even is this?!

The Episode Review

Wow, where do you start with that episode? The art style is certainly unique and a few of the ideas are quite nicely executed but boy does this chapter throw it all away in a flash.

Between ridiculous physics, the ability to breathe in outer space and some cheesy, heavy-handed dialogue, the entire chapter just ramps up the ridiculousness to the point of just shrugging and saying “yeah, I guess that might as well happen too.”

There are so many holes in this episode that just aren’t explained either, which doesn’t help matters. How does Am manage to receive visions of the light side? How does his droid know about Yoda and end up spouting his lines? And why can everyone breathe in outer space except for the droids? Honestly, this final point is perhaps the most ridiculous and easily the biggest immersion breaker.

The chapter is essentially a visual treat lacking substance, which is a shame because there’s some nice ideas in here. Unfortunately it’s lost behind overwhelming silliness that ends up becoming a really disappointing chapter.

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4 thoughts on “Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 3 “The Twins” Recap & Review”

  1. Maybe, just maybe, it was meant to be an alternate universe. Where people could breathe in space and something like Luke and his sister were born of the dark side. Kind of abstractly the same but different.

  2. The ridiculousness of him cutting the massive star destroyer in half BUT NOT HIS SISTER (just the crystal embedded in her armoured breastplate) made me totally miss the insanity of a droid wearing a space suit!

  3. I dunno, it sounds like you guys took this episode way too seriously. It’s obviously supposed to be bombastic and anime-as-hell. Everyone else I’ve talked to said it was in their top 3 just on fun factor alone. Like, it’s SO ridiculous, how can you not walk away from it with a big dumb grin on your face?

  4. Yup – totally agree. After episode 1 was so good, ep 3 was a total let down. Breathing in space, hair blowing in space ….. and a droid wearing a spacesuit ??? Wtf were they thinking !

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