Star Wars: Visions – Season 1 Episode 1 “The Duel” Recap & Review

The Duel

Episode 1 of Star Wars: Visions is a clever homage to samurai films of old, complete with a grainy screen and a uniquely designed aesthetic. Although the movie is predominantly in black and white, pockets of blue, green and red starkly contrast this.

The chapter begins with imperial stormtroopers showing up in a village, antagonizing the different residents. As gunfire breaks out and the troopers are dispatched, out the transport steps a powerful Sith. She has a rotating lightsaber that she uses as an umbrella (because, why not I guess?) until she comes face to face with a simple wanderer.

This is no simple wanderer though, and it’s soon revealed that he’s a master Ronin. It would seem that he’s a Sith too as he manages to stop this saber with his powers before it hits him.

Sporting a red saber of his own, the pair square off and end up on a fast-moving river, edging dangerously close to a waterfall while fighting atop a log. As the two end up at a standstill, a droid comes flying out, turning the tide of battle.

Missiles free all the villagers from their plight, before our mysterious Ronin manages to best the Sith and outsmart her. Bowing, he honors her death and heads back to the village.

This mysterious wanderer doesn’t give up his name though, handing over a jewel to the villagers that allegedly helps ward off evil. As the villagers watch him leave, the episode comes to a close.

The Episode Review

A strong chapter starts off Star Wars: Visions, taking ideas from old samurai films and blending that up with Star Wars lore. The ensuing result is a wonderfully artistic episode, one that does take liberties with some worldbuilding ideas (how does this Ronin stop the saber with his bare hands? And what’s with the spinning umbrella?) while adding familiar ideas and tropes from this wildly popular world.

This is a great way to kick things off, for what should be a really fascinating anthology to come.

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