Star Wars: The Bad Batch – Season 3 Episode 11 “Point of No Return” Recap & Review

“Point of No Return”

Star Wars: The Bad Batch, episode 11 opens on an asteroid base. The pirate, Phee, arrives to refuel. The clone assassin is on her tail and accesses her travel records.

The Bad Batch is still laying low on Pabu but plans to leave. The rescued clone boys are there too and are adjusting nicely. Omega leaves her stuffed animal and Tech’s glasses behind to mark Pabu as their first home. The clone assassin arrives on the planet and begins searching for Omega.

The assassin blows up the Batch’s ship while Wrecker loads it with cargo. He is seriously injured. Meanwhile, an Imperial Star Destroyer arrives to help capture Omega. Clone warships begin destroying the island city and cutting off any means of escape. Batcher runs off on her own and attacks some troopers. Hunter attempts to steal a ship, but the assassin shoots the ship down.

Omega tells Crosshair that their only chance of victory is to let the Empire capture her. This way, Crosshair can track her back to the base on Tantiss. He reluctantly agrees to this dangerous plan.

Omega turns herself in. Hunter makes it to shore and reunites with Batcher while Omega boards the assassin’s ship. Troopers engage Crosshair, so he’s unable to plant the tracking device on the ship.

The assassin heads back to Tantiss with Omega trapped onboard and escapes without a trace.

The Episode Review

“Point of No Return” lives up to its own name as it relates to the final plunge toward the series finale. Omega shows another sign of true growth and the stakes manage to get higher, while Crosshair occupies a more central role. The Empire, even a single assassin, will always be a better enemy than a random, wild creature.

Overall, the season has struck an understandable balance between enemies and obstacles. That being said, with 4 episodes left, let’s hope the rest will stay in this bullseye zone.

While the central conflicts are getting stronger, the episodes feel somewhat lighter in content. The pace overall has had some inconsistencies. However, comparing Star Wars animated projects across time, The Bad Batch has done a good job of creating its own sense of identity and purpose in the larger story. The story of the clones now feels far more vast, diverse, and pivotal to the greater conflict in the galaxy.

Omega’s talk with Crosshair may have been one of the better exchanges of the season, if not the whole show. It contains proof of the growth of Omega and Crosshair, both as individuals as well as companions. Omega has attained a sense of greater duty- a perspective of the bigger mission. Crosshair has learned to look closer than the bigger picture and see individual decisions for what they are- an act of free will. This foil between the two makes for a crucial, powerful moment.


The episode ends in a critical mission failure that, in a sense, harkens back a bit to Crosshair’s issues with his hand. Before his turn to the Empire, could he have made the shot he missed? It’s an unanswerable question that feels meant to be pondered. Crosshair has, so far, been unable to balance his cold talent with his warm heart. Will Crosshair be able to find the balance and save Omega?

On the ship, Omega sits cross-legged and breathes meditatively in order to stay calm. Could she be opening herself up to a connection with the Force? Let’s hope the stakes, tone, and character development continue to build towards a fitting finale.

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