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We begin episode 8 of Start-Up with an ominous sign of things to come. The Samsan team mention how friends can become enemies – just as we cut across to the Chairman deciding to hand over the CCTV footage to the legal team. It seems Do-San’s antics are not going unpunished!

Anyway, before that we’ve got the calm before the storm, as Dal-Mi tells Do-San what she likes about him.

Eventually the group reconvene and go over the specifics of their plan, settling on the idea of using the AI voice Yeong-Sil with their image recognition software. While the whole team think this is a good idea, Ji-Pyeong is not so sure.

Both Google and Microsoft are already developing this and he even throws out the idea of advertising given the clientele they’re likely to attract. After their meeting – where Do-San mentions those early letters she received – Sun-Hak shows and mentions the investment.

The conversation inevitably turns to Dal-Mi and In-Jae, who Ji-Pyeong admits are sisters and have different surnames given their parents were divorced. As he continues on, he mentions how the girl on the swing could be In-Jae or Dal-Mi.

While they deliberate over this, A-Hyun rings her husband ands asks for money. Unfortunately he’s unwilling to give any funds over unless In-Jae returns home. Doo-Jung chuckles to himself, believing it’s a done deal, as A-Hyun is forced to try and plead with her daughter to return.

With advertising out the window, Ji-Pyeong draws up a list of potential companies Samsan could team up with. Dal-Mi is grateful and asks when his birthday is. When he answers May 7th, she’s taken aback slightly when she realizes it’s the same date as Do-San.

Still, she remains fixated on the mission at hand and begins pitching her tech idea to different companies. She remains enthusiastic, making her way around various busy bosses and briefing them on the technology and how useful it could be. While she does, the San boys start showing off the tech in person.

Dal-Mi’s enthusiasm sees her run into trouble though as she’s stuck out in the middle of nowhere following a pitch meeting to a woman named Hye-Jun. When Dal-Mi leaves, wandering aimlessly down the road, Hye-Jun rings Ji-Pyeong who races down to pick her up.

Dal-Mi asks what he’s doing there as Ji-Pyeong is forced to make up an excuse. After an exhausting day, Dal-Mi falls asleep in his car as Ji-Pyeong reclines her seat and lets the girl sleep.

When she wakes up, Ji-Pyeong kindly buys her some sandals to replace her shoes, given she stepped in cow dung prior to kicking her up.

As Dal-Mi steps out the car, she requests Ji-Pyeong not tell Do-San about what she’s been up to. She doesn’t want him to worry. As she walks away, Ji-Pyeong notices she’s left her scrunchie in his car.

Back at the office, the group put their app up on the store and prepare to see how many downloads they’re going to get. Only, Dal-Mi remembers Ji-Pyeong’s warnings about the user-base and prays that NoonGil’s is under 1000.

That evening she heads home and speaks to Won-Deok about their tech. She learns that Do-San was the one who came up with this idea and she seems to realize he’s used her as inspiration for this. Using the tech, she gets Yeong-Sil to recite the bible passages for her.

Meanwhile, Dal-Mi does her best to hide her happiness that the app hasn’t been downloaded that many times – helping her prospects of an investment. Although (“MONEY!!”) Cheon-Ho may well change that. He decides to use viral marketing to help the app grow, using a baseball legend in the US affiliated with Do-San in the past to get eyeballs on it.

That evening, Do-San takes a drunk Dal-Mi back home. There, they talk about the app and Won-Deok thanks him for creating it, handing over a slip of paper she’s used as feedback for Noongil.

In the morning, Do-San awakens to find himself on TV thanks to the baseball legend talking about the app. On the back of this, their DUA reaches over 10,000 which shocks her given how much money it’s going to cost the company. Money they don’t haver right now.

Unfortunately this party comes to an abrupt end when Do-San is called into the police station following the smashed  nameplate. Unfortunately if he can’t settle then this will go to the prosecution so it’s a pretty big deal.

When he returns to Sand Box, Do-San intentionally brushes over the issues with the police to Dal-Mi and instead shows her what Won-Deok has written. With the truth out, she begins sobbing in his arms.

Dal-Mi thanks him for his help and returns home to Won-Deok. She helps clip her Grandmother’s nails and promises to work hard on NoonGil so things aren’t uncomfortable for her going forward.

It’s here she realizes that Do-San has admitted the truth. She promises to smile the following day but for one day she’s going to cry and let it all out.

Back at Sand Box the next day, Dal-Mi asks In-Jae for help in begging Doo-Jung for forgiveness. Getting investment for this app and helping her grandmother is far more important to her than the success of the app itself. Only, when she turns up Do-San is already there begging for forgiveness.

Eventually everything comes into view as Dal-Mi plays her trump card. It turns out she was recording the meeting with Morning Group – courtesy of Ji-Pyeong’s suggestion.

She blackmails Doo-Jung and makes him settle with Do-San and hand over the CSR funds for Samsan. Tellingly, In-Jae is watching the entire time and can’t help but grin at her sister’s tenacity.

On the back of this, Dal-Mi returns to Ji-Pyeong with a take-out from the pine nut company he mentioned on the way home the previous afternoon. He hands over the business plan to Dal-Mi and shows detailed comments within. She thanks him and heads home.

Upon closer inspection, she realizes that the handwriting is familiar. Dal-Mi digs out the old letters and matches them up with Ji-Pyeong’s words. The hangul matches perfectly of course.

As she contemplates what this means, we cut to Do-San who plays with Do-San’s scrunchie with tears in his eyes.

During the epilogue, Ji-Pyeong hands over the scrunchie to Do-San in the parking lot who remains poker-faced until he’s alone. When he’s out of view, Do-San does his best to hide his disappointment.

The Episode Review

I can understand why Do-San is jealous but honestly there’s a number of reasons why Dal-Mi could have been in his car. After all, she wouldn’t even be that interested in Do-San if it wasn’t for the letters which Ji-Pyeong wrote or his guidance in acting like a gentleman.

Also, I can’t help but feel Do-San breaking the news about Won-Deok’e eyesight is a bit unfair on Won-Deok. It’s almost like he’s done this to earn some brownie points with Dal-Mi when really it should be her Grandmother that breaks the news to Dal-Mi. He could have encouraged her to tell the truth to her daughter, rather than outing her secret himself.

This brings the subject back to Ji-Pyeong and Dal-Mi who have far more history together and to be honest, seem better matched anyway. There’s a lot of secrets about to be outed too and the preview for next week seems to hint that Do-San is finally going to open up and admit the truth.

It’s been coming for a while but his while shindig has been living the life of someone else to get to where he is – at least in his romantic life anyway. I know we had the episode about his past and understanding that Do-San’s always viewed himself in second place but beyond his excellent programming skills, there isn’t an awful lot else to his character.

Still, there’s plenty of time for that to change and the question of just who’s out for revenge remains up in the air too. So far this has been one of the better melodramatic dramas of the year and it’ll be interesting to see what direction this one takes next.

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15 thoughts on “Start-Up – K-Drama Episode 8 Recap & Review”

  1. Wow a lot of ship war angst. In my opinion if JP cares, he needs to stop deflecting and do something, and frankly could have done something years ago. It’s obvious DS cares, and his insecurity about her feelings make sense since we’ll he’s been lying and kdrama girls are obsessive about first loves.

    The info about startup business concerns is super interesting too. Liked seeing DM get one up on the evil stepdad at the end! Did not expect that!! Too bad people are missing out on that because they can’t stand DS + DM. Frankly his devotion and desire to be honest makes him better IMO but the lying will not be in his favour.

  2. I totally don’t understand, the story was suppose to be of Dal-Mi and Ji- Pyeong , the writer totally sidelined the whole track of the story to accommodate a young good looking under developed character Do-San. To be honest all characters in this series are underdeveloped especially the In -Jae and Ji Peong is very sad!

    Ji Pyeong shy orphan guy Abandoned by society but smart is in-debt to the Grandmother who gives him shelter, he is unable to understand his own feelings towards Dal-mi after so many years of distance and so many letters of emotions In his teens, introduces a guy to replace him on the grandmother’s request ( old women but not wise enough is what I would say) and when he realises on the day one that he should reveal himself , suddenly the Do-San guy shows up and highjacks the whole thing with no character or remorse or empathy todays Han Ji Peong emotions , even after knowing that Han’s feeling for Dal-mi and their history.

    I already know how the story is gone go, now that they made the girl kiss the guy, it doesn’t matter if he is a murders crook or terrorist, the guys takes the girl , this is Korean Drama for you, very disappointing!!!!!!!!

    The writer has done so much of injustice to the character of Ji Peong , it’s ridiculous, they made smart honest lonely guy much lonelier in love and for ever, just because he is indebt and his companion is a old grandmother.

    heinous crime of being an orphan!!

  3. @Cristem Same wishes here too. I hope Ji-Pyeong can be a happier person since he managed to succeed in life. Of course, it would be best that he can end up with Dal-mi – that would be a perfect ending for both of them. Both of them truly deserve the love and care from each other.

  4. Here is an interesting point. A korean Writer took snapshots of the letters written by JP and translated them into english. The letters were written by the writer of the drama as I am given to understand. Seems reasonable since they arent going to have the coffee boy scribble something down. They know people will look for these kind of things.

  5. @majong Sofine You kind of echoed most of my sentiments about the drama’s characters. I tend to lean towards Ji Pyeong inspite of his negative traits. He suppresses much of his emotions that many viewers find him to be harsh to Dal Mi and her start up friends and certainly ungrateful over his debts to Dal Mi’s grandma, although we know that she always refuses the help of Ji Pyeong unless she asks for it herself and always because of Dal Mi.

    With all his success, Ji Pyeong remains just a scared, and scarred, little boy, afraid of being emotionally involved, yet longing for the warmth of family. Among all all the characters in the drama, I find him to be the most pitiful because he is truly alone, considering only the AI of Yeong Sil to comfort him. I am sad and sorry for him. I hope the writers can make him a happier person, in whatever way, even if he doesn’t get the girl in the end.

  6. Todos estamos cientes da história do
    ji-pyeong que é triste e que ele trabalhou muito pra chegar ao sucesso, e realmente eu gosto dele, mais a química que Do-san e Dal-mi tem é espetacular.

    Tudo esta no meio de mentiras, mais meu coração queria juntos Do-san e Dal-mi ,porque ele entrou nessa mentira por beneficio proprio, mais nao contava com o sentimento que surgiria , não sei mais nada vem próximo episódio hehehehe

  7. i cant find any logic in some comments
    ji peyeoung have always been lonely he didnt have enough money for food so he learned to be logical and not to show his emotions he cant underestand emotions couse he had to be strong
    grandma helped ji peyeoung and dalmi both with those letters ji peyeoung learned how to talk and feel emotions a little bit first it was like a duty but step by step he was truly into dalmi but his life and the truth that he was alone couldnt let him act like a romantic boy since he met dalmi and he became excited and then when he visited grandma asked him to bring dosan back ji peyeoung couldnt go to party with dalmi couse every one would know him as ji peyeong so then what happend dosan a logical boy fell in love with dalmi in one second and start to act like he is dosan and do anything for her till when she will fall in love with him… truly the writer didnt write dosan’s charecter well even his dialogues are not logical he is liying to dalmi about who he realy is but but he wants to tell the truth about dalmi’s grandma to her ???
    he went to cermony with dalmi and lied to her and he was ok with it i cant realy undrestand him and my sister who was watching the drama with me thought that ji peyeoung is the main role 😐😑

  8. Guys why the hate on dosan? T_T
    Remember dosan nickname is living buddha, he didnt do the AI thing just to get brownie point. He cares about other people. That is why in the first place he went to help dalmi pretended to be her bf even he didnt know dalmi, or what she looks like. Because he wanted to help people. Same as halmeoni case.He is just socially awkward, no social skills and trying to please everyone… That is just his character. He is not manipulative T_T he also bad in keeping secret because he feels bad for telling lies. He even told jp he wanted to come clean w dalmi, but unfortunately, halmeoni didnt let him 😔

    I dont hate jp too. Because he also have his own issues. Childhood issues. Same as dosan too. I am still waiting for dosan backstory more, as we all already know what happen to jp before, that is why we have attachment to his character.

    Hopefully writer nim, will not disappoint me 😂

  9. Its interesting how manipulative do-san is even in the trailer for next week.
    When Dal-mi asks him why did you lie? He says he didnt want to see her cry.

    Things like that work in emotionalism drama world but that isnt the true answer.
    Did Do-San lie to her and manipulate his way into her life when he was steps away from being out and done getting into JP’s car by the river because he didnt want to see her cry? No. NO. NOOO.
    So even when he admits to a lie……..he lies. His character remains the same throughout. He will do and say nearly anything so a backward socially inept programmer can get a girlfriend.

  10. Dear Aiko
    “First of all, how can you say, that Do-san is someone who manipulates Dal-mi, is a liar and selfish person? I need you to remember that Do-san was the one who saw himself involved in all the web of lies of JP and our grandma, when none of that was his business.”
    Fine. Then remember that everything you said ENDED when he had completed his 20 minute service that he failed at miserably and JP had to save Dal-mi by saving him. But when was a few feet from the car and getting out of her life he made a conscious self serving fateful decision to trick her for his own advantage.

    Your next point about JP’s letters is also different than you percieve it. As is common in dramas and life, one can start doing something for one reason (helping grandma who had helped him) and have it end up continuing it for a different reason. The fact that he kept her letters for all these years proves the underlying emotions and feelings he had for her despite having a history that scared him and prevented normal loving relationships. Hence his defense mechanism to deny intimate relationships caused him to use grandmas “debt” as an excuse that was a cover for the emotional attachment he felt for her. He did not use her as the rest of the episodes PROVED.
    Also it was grandma that asked him to help Dal-mi so the only reason he didnt want grandma to tell dal-mi the truth is not for selfish reasons as Do-Sans was. It was to continue to help her reach her dreams and that was best how he could do that. Remember at this point he was still in denial of his feelings.
    You seem to see much of this in reverse world.
    You claim Do-San turned down the offerings JP offered about doing the 20 minute thing at SandBox but actually JP wouldnt be blackmailed into what Do-San was demanding which was something JP couldnt give.
    You make a big deal about Do-San choosing Dal-mi for CEO but he only did that to get her love. Remember Do-San is someone who couldnt figure out business stuff to save his life. JP had to save their company the first time from the 3 idiots giving their tech away thinking they were talking to “Investors”.
    Dont make a claim for sainthood for Do-San wanting to tell Dal-mi the truth EVER since it was him that made continuing the lie a necessity since he forced himself into her life by lying to her at the car and making a play for her. The ONLY reason any of these lies continued was because of the selfish decisions Do-San made at that point. Its indefensable for him and proves your assessment incorrect.

    “But, Do-san believes in Dal-mi strength and maturity, also he said: “She told me to give it to you (the feedback)” to Dal-mi, showing that was grandma decision to Dal-mi be aware of what was happening. ”
    You need to watch those scenes again. Grandma never wanted Dal-mi to know and she sure didnt give permission for Do-San to tell her. Grandma became aware of feedback and didnt know how to do it online so she wrote it out. Her objective was to help the popularity of the app. It was Do-San who took it on himself to break grandmas trust and request and tell Dal-mi. No one is debating Dal-mi needed to know but your making it out to be a mark of righteousness for Do-San is horribly misplaced.

  11. It’s like we’re watching two different dramas or no one understands the #StartUp storyline. Jipyeong took Halmeoni’s money and didn’t think of helping them when he became successful and it was a coincidence when he saw her food truck by the roadside after 15 years. When Halmeoni first asked him to help Dalmi to find Dosan he refused even laughed at the letters said he doesn’t even remember what he wrote. He probably used those letters as a sounding board for his teenage angst given he was anti-social behavior with anger issues. He tried to buy Dosan and wasn’t even polite when he asked him a favor, kept insulting him by bragging about himself. He kept refusing to tell Dalmi the truth like she was some child that you lie to and wants to look better than everyone esp Dosan. He never once said thank you, please or I’m sorry to everyone he’s offended. Yet so many fans of the show don’t see how Jipyeong is manipulative, arrogant, and selfish. Episode 9 preview shows Jipyeong crying saying he’s having a hard time because he likes Dalmi; it’s always about himself and how he feels and never about others.


  12. Dear, majong Sofine.

    I came here, searching for a review of the episode after watching and I wasn’t expecting to comment but after read your comment, I couldn’t help but also share my own opinion about Do-san and JP.

    First of all, how can you say, that Do-san is someone who manipulates Dal-mi, is a liar and selfish person? I need you to remember that Do-san was the one who saw himself involved in all the web of lies of JP and our grandma, when none of that was his business.

    Ji Pyeong, didn’t even wanted to write his own name on the letters for Dal-mi, whatsoever, he didn’t even wanted to write them in first place. He started doing them as a favor for the grandma and he even left without a proper goodbye to Dal-mi, not even cared. Not then, and not all the upcoming years, until he saw her again. When he saw her again, was more nostalgy and her appearance what made him interested again. He USED grandma and his “debt” as an excuse to deny his own feelings and continue “helping” her when she didn’t even asked his help in first place. Dal-mi is someone who always work hard and try her best to reach her goals by her own efforts, but he comes and put his nose into her business with lies. He didn’t cared for these letters at all, he kept them but they were nothimg for him as they were for Dal-mi, for her these letters are everything, she remembers all what he said but he doesnt.

    Grandma even was resigned to tell the truth to Dal-mi but HE DIDN’T LET HER. He prefers to continue the lie and kept Dal-mi believing in something is not real. He pretended to deceive her all her life? You don’t think that Dal-mi is grown up enough and DESERVES to know the truth? JP and grandma keeps treating her as a little kid, what is worse, they feel sorry for her, for all what happened with his father and her hard life. So, if you feel sorry for someone and a lie makes her “happy”, she needs to keep living a lie? Not fair.

    I think the REAL manipulative and liar here is JP. He even decided to become mentor to keep harassing Dal-mi, when he didn’t even wanted to be one or BELIEVE in them. What is even worse, at first of the series, he searched Do-san to ASK HIM A FAVOR, after using his identity and pretended to be him, when was not Do-san resposability continue their farse. The thing is, when you approach for someone help, you don’t humilliate them, look down on them, say horrible things about them and their business, wanting to BUY their help. Even if he’s a more realistic “business man”, I don’t think his “pessimism” is SO GOOD as you say.

    What I liked from Do-san since the beginning, was that he rejected the things that JP offered to him and even was willing to go there and pretend to be “that” Do-san from 15 years ago in the party for Dal-mi, without anything in exchange, because JP thought he wasn’t going to do it in the end.

    He trusted blindly in Dal-mi even when she doesn’t have a title from a university in the hackathon, was willing to give all his part in the actions to her without thinking twice, to a person who he just MET and was due a LIE. A lie from Dal-mi, she’s not the perfect “hero” either. She wanted to met Do-san again, someone who she didn’t meet again for 15 years, justo to ASK HIM to pretend to be her boyfriend and take him to her sister party.

    Like, really? How she can’t ask that to someone who maybe has a girlfriend and with 5 fingers in their forehead will think she’s weird and decline because he didn’t KNOW HER and wasn’t his obligation, but he did. He just cover the lies from JP, grandma and Dal-mi, he didn’t even lie in his life before he met them and you make him look as the bad? Even more, he didn’t like to lie since the beginning, in the moment he realize his feeling where something else, he wanted to say the truth, and so many times.

    And I understand why Do-san is “jealous”. He’s not jealous, he’s angry and disappointed. He’s angry because the “Do-san” Dal-mi is in love is not him, is fabricated by JP. He knows and understand he’s not the one Dal-mi loves and that make him to be disappointed because he loves her even when she loves someone else, someone who is not him and is never going to be him. He wants to say the truth to her because Do-san wants Dal-mi to be in love WITH HIM, not with “Do-san” from 15 years ago, aka JP.

    The one who is dying with JEALOUSY and it’s really toxic it’s JP. It’s funny that Ji Pyung is jealous, after was him who decided to search Do-san and asked him to pretend to be “Do-san” from 15 years ago. He could tell Dal-mi that “Do-san” was him since the beginning, just saying that JP was orphan and was embarassed to say his real name, so he used Do-san’s one just to impress her. THAT’S ALL. Dal-mi understood that the real Do-san pretended to be rich to impress her (her own supossition), after she found out he was in Sandbox. But the problem here is that JP doesn’t believe that Dal-mi is mature enough for him be honest with her, thing that Do-san indeed believes.

    JP even GAVE Dal-mi’s scrunchie on purpose to Do-san, he imagined all. His main goal was HURT him because he knows Do-san insecurities and the advantage JP has over him. Thing that was utterly unnecessary and shows JP real nature.

    And about the NoonGil thing, Do-san REALLY had the idea because he was worrying for grandma’s vision. How can you say that NoonGil didn’t born due Do-san’s concern for grandma? He even emulated to be blind to be able to FEEL what our grandma feels. He decided to propose the idea of the app to help not only grandma but other people in the same condition. Of course was just an idea in development and Dal-mi’s idea was also a great add for the project, that’s called TEAMWORK. Of course was just an idea in development and Dal-mi’s idea was also a great add for the project, that’s called TEAMWORK: discuss everyone’s idea to complement the base and put them all together to prepare the final proposal and execute the project.

    To put an end to my long comment, the disgusting meeting this In-jae’s father could be saved if JP didn’t BROUGHT PERSONAL matters to the work. Like him don’t talking and ignoring Dal-mi because his absurds and toxic jealous, that’s very unprofessional. Was also funny see him tell Dal-mi to not be obtrusive when it’s everything he have done until now.

    And about the article, thank you so much author. I know that Dal-mi wouldn’t even put an eye on Do-san if weren’t because JP tips to pretend to be him and I’m very sure Do-san it’s also aware and that’s why he keeps doing that expression of concern. I don’t think he did NoonGil to gain points with Dal-mi but was because he has a big heart and he wants her to be happy with her grandma for a long time. I also agree that he didn’t had to be the one telling to Dal-mi the grandma’s news. But, Do-san believes in Dal-mi strength and maturity, also he said: “She told me to give it to you (the feedback)” to Dal-mi, showing that was grandma decision to Dal-mi be aware of what was happening. Grandma also needs to understand that she’s a big grown woman already and needs to face THE REALITY.

    I don’t agree in the part: “beyond his excellent programming skills, there isn’t an awful lot else to his character” because I think that Do-san and Dal-mi has a big potential. They’re bringing up the best of each other and supporting their backs. He’s encouraging her to be better and give her the trust to show her capacity. Also, she’s making him to think more about himself and his feelings, to unveil parts of himself that he didn’t think he had. In all the time, since fake “Do-san” letters to the actuality, Dal-mi was never willing to open the music box, even after all JP and her said in the letters but was because the real Do-san that she had the courage to open it now.

    I also think that JP and Dal-mi are a good match and I like them both together even with my opinions for JP character. I think their story is very substantial and they have a big potential to be developed if they were the end game couple. I really wish she could stay with both.

  13. A little bit too harsh on Dosan. Let us not forget that in prior episode Dosan is willing to spill the.beans on Dalmi but.he was dissuaded by Grandma for Dalmi’s sake. JP should man up if he wants to be in the game.

  14. I really hope Dal-mi would end up with Ji-Pyeong, and not Do-san. Ji-Pyeong is a better match for Dal-mi, as shown in Episode 8. Ji-Pyeong will rush to save Dal-mi, without earning any brownie points and secretly helped her out as always. We should really give Ji-Pyeong credit for all what he had done. Please don’t get me wrong, not that Do-san is not nice, just that i feel that he is taking advantage of Dal-mi’s feelings for “Ji-Pyeong” to make it as his – this part which i really feel unfair for Ji-Pyeong. If the Director of “Start-up” is reading these comments, please consider making the final as Dal-mi and Ji-Pyeong as the couple as they are the real match for each other. Thank you.

  15. This is the best episode in the series so far. After 7 episodes that find Do-San to be a disgusting self centered woman manipulator, he didnt do anything as bad this episode. You are correct that he still used grandmas vison problem to his advantage alone and even the idea of NoonGil wasn’t born of concern for grandma but a combination of Dal-mi’s comments and grandmas recent conversation overlaid on what the programming platform could do.
    It is also nice to see JP getting under Do-Sans skin. Its like the first tiny flicker of justice coming over the horizon.
    The writing seems to be slanted toward making the audience think Do-San is a big hero ala the hype press he got from the baseball pro in the US singing his praises. But anyone looking objectively MUST admit that he is really nothing more than a programmer who does only 2 things in life. Programs and scams/manipulates Dal-mi for his own romantic gains.
    Remember Dal-mi didnt even take him into her confidence about the profitability and consequences of high number of downloads.
    Also its not lost on her that AGAIN the only reason they have a company is because of JP’s care, foresight and detailed and painstaking notes and advice that allowed her to put the morning CEO in his place.
    Dal-mi also shines on her own using the tools JP has given her to the companies advantage.
    Hers hoping to a fine EP9 with DoSan getting crushed as he deserves for his lies and selfishness, Dal-mi shining as a competent CEO and JP growing sufficient brain cells that aren’t just for business to support and care for Dal-mi and grandma but now, OPENLY and honestly.

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