Star Trek: Discovery – Season 5 Episode 3 Recap & Review


Star Trek: Discovery Season 5 episode 3 begins with the crew preparing to travel to Trill to find the next quest clue. Culber and Book have a meeting with Captain Burnham to discuss the potential threats that face them. They provide background details on Moll, while Burnham’s ex wants in on the Trill landing party even though he isn’t a Starfleet member.

Elsewhere, Adira and Tilly identify a Trill spot pattern on the map puzzle piece, and it leads them to a 24th-century Trill called Jinaal. Rayner comes aboard, and Burnham orders him to get to know all the crew. The team arrives on Trill, and Burnham heads down to the Caves of Mak’ala with Adira, Culber and Book, where they meet an old Trill.

Jinaal reveals that the next clue is very close by, and he takes Burnham and Book with him to retrieve it. They arrive at the canyon, and Jinaal reveals some information about how he, Dr. Vellek and four other scientists found the Progenitor technology, but they decided it was too dangerous to hand over to the Federation in the middle of the Dominion War.

Back at the Starfleet, Saru is getting settled into his new office with the assistance of his fiancé, T’Rina. They are planning to make their wedding announcement before heading into a resource meeting. In the meeting, Saru argues for more allocations to the small worlds he represents, and it all successfully ends in a compromise with others who have expressed concerns. 

Concerns are raised about the effect the wedding announcement will have on the Ni’Var politics, but when Saru raises the issues with T’Rina, she doesn’t react well.

Back on Trill, the team is battling with a monster. Burnham heads to the rock with the clue symbol on it to retrieve the big prize, as a second monster shows up to cause obstacles. 

Burnham holsters her phaser, showing respect to the Intronoks, who have calmed down, and Book does the same and communicates that they just want to leave while backing off. Soon after, they find Dr. Hugh Jinaal on a rock, quipping, “I see you survived.”

Turns out, Jinaal drew them to the nest after suggesting they arm their phasers. By connecting them instead of shooting, they have passed another test. Jinaal was willing to let them die just to see if there was “goodness” in them. However, they did survive, which results in them winning the prize: the clue and the second map piece, which was hidden under a different rock.

Culber heads back to the ship to recover from being possessed. When Burnham catches up with him in the lounge, they contemplate the spiritual implications of the journey they are on, and they seek the technology of the gods.

Back at HQ, Saru apologizes to T’Rina for all the politics that were getting in the way, and they make up with one another.

The episode ends in the Trill caves with Bix returning to the symbiont pool and Adira and Gray saying farewell. Turns out, Moll is disguised as a Trill, and she puts something onto Adira’s sleeve before the ensign beams back to the Disco.

The Episode Review

Things are shaping up to be a spectacular ending for Star Trek: Discovery, with another good episode in this serialised storyline.

The visit to Trill is entertaining, and the cast has great chemistry. There is a feeling that the end is near, but there are a lot of moving parts that will need resolving if there is going to be a satisfying conclusion. 

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