Stargirl – Season 1 Episode 8 Recap & Review

Shiv Part Two

Following the cliffhanger ending last time out, Stargirl returns this week with a continuation of its superhero drama. With less fighting this time and more character development for most of the players involved in the story, Stargirl delivers an enjoyable follow-up to last week’s cliffhanger ending.

After the big fight last week, episode 8 of Stargirl begins with Pat crashing his car as a way of hiding Courtney’s injuries. When she awakens in hospital, battered and bruised, Pat explains what happened and eventually takes her home. Once there though, he finds himself caught in a difficult position of trying to appease everyone; a heart to heart with Courtney’s staff is followed by an awkward confrontation with Barbara about Courtney’s injuries.

When Dragon King finds out about Cindy’s fight last episode he’s furious. Threatening to remove his hood, Cindy may be confrontational but even she knows when to back down and stop. This sees her retreat back upstairs and mulling over the best way to proceed going forward.

Back at the garage Beth and the others get into a heated debate over how to avenge their friend. The plan they come up with though involves the group heading over to Cindy’s house. It quickly goes awry though when Pat finds himself in a difficult position of pretending to be Beth’s father.

This is enough to get them into the house where Beth learns Cindy’s mum isn’t quite who she seems to be and even finds Dragon King’s lair underground. She doesn’t investigate too deeply though – which is just as well – and instead heads up to Cindy’s room where she finds a photo of a scientist that could hold some clues for them going forward.

She’s not the only one infiltrating houses though, as Cindy heads over to Courtney’s and apologises for her behaviour regarding Cameron and their plans being rearranged. Courtney remains wary though – which is certainly a smart move as Cindy finally drops her facade and reveals the truth that she knows Courtney is Stargirl and promises to go after her in the future.

Cindy doesn’t have long to wait though as she returns home and immediately finds herself blindsided by the superhero. Their fight spills out to the street where Henry arrives and acts as the proverbial wildcard.

Most of the episode has seen his powers begin to manifest and they spill out in the messiest way possible thanks to a wave blasting Courtney and Cindy across the street.

While Dragon King’s minions take Cindy down into the sewers, Courtney realises Henry has his Father’s powers. As the camera pans out, Dragon King happens to be watching too and he learns the same fact. Henry could prove to be the missing component for the JSA’s world-ending experiment in the future. For now though, the episode comes to a close with numerous questions hanging over this one.

The Review Write-Up

With lots of unanswered questions and plenty of drama to chew over this week, Stargirl delivers another pretty good episode here. The big take away though comes from Cindy knowing Courtney’s true identity which will almost certainly cause some problems going forward.

Believe it or not though, the best part of Stargirl this week comes from the comedy which helps offset some of the tense drama encapsulating this show. Beth and Pat’s unconventional infiltration of Cindy’s house is a definite highlight and the awkwardness of the entire situation helps to keep things feeling light and enjoyable.

Courtney and her brother having a heart to heart is another nice inclusion too although personally it would have been good to see this continue through numerous episodes to keep that conflicted part of Courtney’s double-life intact.

Despite that though, Stargirl continues to deliver enjoyable drama but as we cross the halfway point of this first season, it remains to be seen quite what the full extent of the JSA’s diabolical plan happens to be.


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