Stargirl – Season 1 Episode 6 Recap & Review

The Justice Society

Stargirl returns this week with another exciting episode as our team are finally assembled and begin to square off against the Injustice Society. With a really slick fight sequence at the end and a lot of promise going forward, Stargirl kicks it up a notch for its latest episode.

Episode 6 of Stargirl begins with two Injustice Society members, Larry and Paula, killing the school coach. This act twists Jordan’s hand as he tells them to get their suits – they’re getting back into action that very night. Courtney meanwhile, sneaks back inside after a late night out dressed as Stargirl.

Pat confronts her about taking the different items from the Society and it’s here the truth is finally revealed about her new recruits. Pat warns that this is a dangerous road and implores her to bring the items back before they get killed.

In the morning, Pat heads off to speak to Rick and get the hourglass back. At the same time, Courtney finds herself in a difficult position when she’s forced to get the tools back from her school mates who have become attached to their new personas. Beth and Yolanda don’t take kindly to her request though and walk away – which is the exact reaction Pat receives too.

Back at school, Jordan sends Steve out to tell Paula and Larry to be ready. Steve happens to be known as The Gambler, working behind the scenes and pulling the strings. After giving them their orders, he walks away while planning his own part in the upcoming mission.

Courtney speaks to the girls after school but Rick shows up and agrees they should team up and forget Pat. Begrudgingly, Corutney agrees to follow them but reminds the trio they need to conceal their identity.

When Pat returns home, he learns that Courtney is still out and immediately suspects she’s with the others. As he rushes out, Courtney teams up with Rick, Yolanda and Beth (now in their new suits) to infiltrate the facility. Only, the team run into Paula and Larry on the way in. Their supervillian personas are Tigress and Sportsmaster, prompting a fight to break out between them all.

After a well-choreographed fight and realizing they’re outmatched, Tigress and Sportsmaster take their leave just as Pat arrives and saves the day. Back at the garage, Pat tells Courtney she and the others need to train to face what’s coming.

Meanwhile, Jordan gathers the Injustice Society and they talk about the satellite codes Gambler managed to gain. However, for Project: New America to come to life, they need Brainwave. For now, they’ll settle for finding out just who the new Justice Society are, which is where the episode ends.

With lots of promise for an exciting second half to this season, the fight at the end makes the pay-off worth it after a few episodes dedicated to building this team up. The choreography is great too and the visual effects help to keep this one feeling grounded but also suitably fantastical.

Courtney trying to control her team is a nice trope that I’m sure will be a bit of a slow-burn across the season as the different members start training up. I’d imagine these skirmishes will continue across the different episodes until the end when all hell breaks loose and the teams square off for good. So far so good though and the door is left wide open for the episodes ahead.


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