Stargirl – Season 1 Episode 10 Recap & Review

Brainwave Jr.

As we fast approach the business end of this season, Stargirl steps it up a gear to deliver its best episode yet. Episode 10 is all about establishing the new world order as all eyes turn to Henry Jr and his newly found powers. This crescendos beautifully into a dramatic and shocking climax that’s sure to have fans desperate for next week’s follow-up.

The episode begins two years ago in Blue Valley as Pat and Barbara meet for the first time over a banana split order. “I’m afraid we’ve only got one banana left…” The waitress tells them, prompting the duo to sit together and eat. Yet, as the camera pans up we see that actually there are two bananas! 

We then jump back to the present as Barbara incredulously questions Pat and Courtney over what’s going on. While Courtney is forced upstairs, Pat tries to explain himself. Unfortunately he’s caught off guard when she asks if Courtney was in a car accident. Having heard enough, she refuses to listen anymore and tells him to leave the house.

Back in the hospital, Henry wakes up but he’s lost his memories from the past 10 years. This includes the loss of his wife Merri. Desperate for answers, Henry Jr heads out and looks through the tapes back home. There, he watches one labelled Day 3233 where we learn the truth about Merri. It turns out she was Starman’s brother and her killer? None other than Icicle.

Back in the hospital, Jordan arrives to update Henry over Project: New America. Midway through talking, the cosmic staff bursts through the wall and attacks Jordan. He scoffs at the notion though and simply freezes the staff. Henry Jr happens to be outside the room watching and hides himself from the pair as they leave.

Pat and Barbara are greeted by Jordan and his parents at work who speak Norwegian infront of her. Barbara uses her resourcefulness though and records their conversation. When they translate what they were saying, they hear about Jordan’s machine and wonder what its origin means.

Unsure where else to turn, Henry Jr. meets up with Courtney and shares his thoughts with her. Realizing that they’re family, the pair team up together to stop Jordan and Henry before it’s too late. Before they face them head on, the duo gather the rest of the group. Unfortunately Rick and Henry Jr come to blows, resulting in Rick landing hard on his back.

Finally they agree to team up and head down to Dragon King’s basement in search of answers. The group split up, with Rick and Beth heading off together and finding none other than Solomon Grundy captured behind a cage.

Courtney and the others enter Dragon King’s main chamber and finds themselves surrounded. Thankfully, all three use their powers to thwart the goons. It’s not enough to stave off Dragon King though who eventually goes toe to toe with Courtney. As she gets her staff back, thanks in part to Yolanda, they manage to stop Dr Ito.

Rushing to safety, Henry Jr sacrifices himself to save the others and goes toe to toe with his Father who arrives before them. There’s seemingly no saving Henry Senior though who admits the truth to his son. He was the one who killed Merri and proceeds to bury his son under a pile of rubble. As the JSA watch on in stunned silence, we’re left to wonder if Henry Jr. really is dead.

The Review Write-Up

What a dramatic end to this week’s episode! Stargirl has really started to come into its own these past few episodes and this is easily the strongest of the season. The final act of this 13 episode ensemble should be incredibly exciting as the fighting reaches fever pitch and we’re left with lots of questions hanging over this one.

Seeing the group fighting together in Dragon King’s lair is certainly one of the highlights of the season too and it’s great to see them all working together for the greater good. Given how many characters there are to juggle here, so far Stargirl has done a decent job balancing them all out and giving everyone something to do.

The situation with Rick and Solomon Grundy is far from over though while it remains to be seen if Courtney can thwart the combined threat of Jordan and Henry going forward. With Project: New America on the horizon, Stargirl bows out this week with a great episode.

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