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stare at the sun album

Track Listing

A Star Within A Star
Lost In Her Light
Knock Knock


There are subtle vibes here, the kind of vibes that purify the atmosphere, and Stare At The Sun is a band using their staggering talent to secure the crown, and this album they’ve created is a masterful, artful, compendium.

The songs on this release are atmospheric and guitar-driven, often different in their execution, and that says a lot about this diverse act. By pushing their art to the front of the cause, they’re also showing immense bravery.

The band search for clarity too and within their songs the lyrics are painfully written up and portrayed through aching vocals. Sometimes, the band cascade into the emotion, pulling at the strands and pillars that hold up their hope.

Electronic vibes also make the grade here, dialling in a sweet wave. Guitars aren’t the only instrument in the frame on this release either, which shows a diverse touch.

The EP Fiction has 6 songs. ‘A Star Within A Star’ opens calmly until the chorus rushes in. The vocal work is reminiscent of Placebo, and it’s clear Stare At The Sun has taken influence from the legends.

‘Monster’ confirms a magic touch, though the emotions run high. The rippling instrumentals show class, and the monster is in the body, riffling through the inner hope.

‘Sirens’ opens with an emphatic beat that grows. The tension finally bursts, and it seems there’s some luck to be had. The backbeat is arresting.

Stare At The Sun does well to show their sound in six songs. This EP is a glorious, unconventional, masterclass.

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  • Verdict - 8/10

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