Srikanth (2024) Ending Explained – Why does Srikanth Bolla refuse to accept the Business Excellence Award?

Srikanth Plot Summary

After being kicked out of the school for the blind, Devi Teacher takes Srikanth to her house and helps him study for the Grade 10 examinations. Srikanth scores 94% but is refused admission to the Science Department due to his disability.

Ms. Devi and Srikanth file a case against the Indian Education System and he is accepted into college. Srikanth passes Grade 12 with the highest scores in his colleges and wishes to study at IIT (The Indian Institute of Technology). One day, Srikanth meets India’s President – APJ Abdul Kalam for Lead India Movement and presents his dream of becoming India’s first Blind President. 

IIT rejects Srikanth’s admission due to a lack of resources to teach him due to his disability. Ms Devi asks Srikanth to apply to International Universities and he manages to secure a seat in MIT, in the USA. Srikanth studies at MIT and meets Swathi, a student from India who admires him.

When Swathi visits Srikanth in the USA, she learns that he has given up on his dream of becoming India’s first Blind President and is looking to get a job in the USA. Swathi inspires Srikanth to go back to India and fulfil his dream.

What happens when Srikanth comes back to India?

In India, Ms Devi and Srikanth started a computer centre for the visually impaired. However, Srikanth is dejected when his students are rejected from jobs because of their vision impairment. Srikanth pledges to create jobs for the visually impaired and starts looking for investors for his new business. He tells investors that he wants a factory for recycled paper packing bags but fails.

One day, Srikanth meets his idol APJ Abdul Kalam and tells him that his investors called his business idea useless.

How does Srikanth start Bollant?

Kalam invests in Srikanth’s business ‘Bollant’ which helps him start the business. He then meets an investor named Ravi Mantha, who agrees to help Srikanth due to his wit and talent. Srikanth tells Ravi that he wanted to make jobs for people with disability and make them a part of the general workforce.

Ravi agrees to invest 8 crore rupees in Srikanth’s business and Bollant is launched. Despite many hurdles, Srikanth managed to overcome them all and successfully expand his business. This makes Srikanth proud and he thinks himself to be undefeatable.

What happens to Srikanth after Bollant is successful?

Despite various hurdles in the business, Srikanth focuses his attention on joining a political party. He is miffed when the news reporters credit Ravi for the success of Bollant. Devi Teacher tries to help Srikanth see his mistakes but the latter refuses to take her advice.

Soon, Srikanth realises that the politician – Mrs Reddy – was only using him to manipulate the public into voting for her party. Srikanth realises that his disability is being taken advantage of and leaves the party office.

Does Srikanth accept the Business Excellence Award?

Realising his mistake, Srikanth finally apologises to Ravi and Devi Teacher, as well as Swathi, for becoming egoistic and proud. Srikanth and the entire team at Bollant are called to accept the Business Excellence Award in the Special Category.

Srikanth gets on stage and talks about his struggle and how hard he worked to make sure he was not given special treatment just because of his disability. He asks the awarding committee to consider his business as an equal to other businesses in the future. Srikanth does not accept the Business Excellence Award and leaves the ceremony with his friends and family by his side.

How does Srikanth end?

Srikanth ends up buying out the second factory and his business expands. Srikanth goes back to the USA to meet Swathi and jokes about getting his vision. Swathi is shocked at first but embarrassed to tell her he was lying. The two end up reconciling their differences. The film ends with clips of the real Srikanth getting married to Swathi as well as clips of him with his business partner – Ravi Mantha.

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