Squid Game: The Challenge – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Circle of Trust 

Squid Game: The Challenge episode 9 starts with the results of the last test being announced. The prize fund is $4,470,000, and only 9 players are left. Mai is struggling now that she is a lone wolf. Player 278 (Ashley) already has her eyes on her. 

In the meantime, Players 429,016,418  and 355 start to form an alliance. Players 278  and 019 also start talking. Their main topic is Mai and her recent decision to nominate Player 278 in the dice test. Knowing that she is in trouble, Mai tries to do some damage control. She reaches out to player 016 and tries to explain her choices. 

She then talks to Ashley and tries to smooth things over. Ashley refuses to admit she was not a team player during the bridge game. Ultimately, Mai apologises, and Ashley acts like it is all cool, but she still has it out for Mai.

Soon, it is time for the next game. The players follow the guards to the game hall and are surprised to learn they will play the circle of trust. Six players will be eliminated. The game requires the players to be blindfolded.

One of them will be tapped, and they will slowly place a gift box on another player’s seat. The player given the gift box has to correctly guess who put the gift box in front of them, and if they fail to get the correct answer, they are eliminated. If they get the correct answer, the other party is eliminated. 

Mai is the first to place the box, and she eliminates Roland. She also guesses that Elliot placed the gift box on her desk, immediately eliminating him.

The next player, Hallie, eliminates Amanda. Phill nearly goes home twice but luckily guesses the correct answer and eliminates Rose and Ashley. Lastly, Hallie is eliminated when she fails to guess Sam betrayed her. 

The last three players return to the dorm, and even though they are relieved, they can’t help but be sad. Nonetheless, with the current prize fund adding up to $4,530,000, The money is closer than ever. 

They are sad that the dorm looks so lonely! At least they are in the top three. As they discuss who they gave the box, Mai lies that she eliminated Amanda. The players quietly decide that all bets are off and it is everyone is for themselves now!

The Episode Review

As we near the finale, this episode felt bland. Hopefully, the next episode will pick up the pace a bit. Most of us would have never thought these would be the final three, but here we are! Mai is clever and has some cards up her sleeve. She also has no allies remaining in the dorm. She is free to make her decisions with no guilt. 

On the other hand, Sam and Phill have gotten close during their stay, and I can’t wait to see who will be the first to betray the other. We will find out next week who will walk away with $4.56 million. Who do you reckon will win? Please let us know in the comments.

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Expect a full-season review once the season ends!


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