Spy X Family – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review

Show Off How In Love You Are

Episode 9 of Spy X Family begins right where we left off regarding Loid attempting to kiss Yor to win over Yuri’s trust. Aiming to calm her nerves, Yor drinks a bottle of wine to make it easier for herself to kiss Loid. Yuri’s patience grows thinner as he urges them to get on with it, resulting in Yor throwing a fork at him to calm him down.

As they’re about to kiss, Yuri flashes back to when he received a kiss from Yor. In the flashback, Yuri wants to marry his sister. Yor responds that she’d wait for that day. Shifting to the present, Yuri tries to stop Yor from kissing Loid as he doesn’t want to see her kiss another man in front of him now. Yor gets embarrassed and slaps Yuri into a wall, causing the apartment to tremor.

Yuri comes to his senses, and apologies for asking them to commit the act. Yor slaps him into the wall again after Yuri allows Loid to kiss her whenever he wants. Noticing his newfound wounds, Yor comforts him. While this is happening, Loid’s speechless and doesn’t know what to think about the whole situation. Loid tells Yuri that he promises to protect Yor to the end to calm any bitterness Yuri has for him.

Unfortunately, Yuri throws a fit about Loid’s act of kindness. Before he departs, Yuri warns Loid that if he does anything to cause harm to his sister, even the littlest things, he’ll be in for a rude awakening. While cleaning up the mess, Loid and Yor have a heartwarming chat about Yuri and Loid’s family relationships. The two decide to head to bed to clear their thoughts, and while alone in his room, Loid develops some envy over the close relationship between Yuri and Yor.

In the morning, Anya interacts with Yor and Loid. She realizes she didn’t meet Yuri after using her powers to listen in on Loid’s thoughts. Anya discovers that Yuri works for the secret police, who is also Loid’s greatest enemy. Like with Yor and Loid in the past, she finds Yuri’s occupation exciting and is now infuriated that she didn’t get to meet him.

While eating breakfast, Loid contemplates Yor’s behavior toward him. He suspects Yor’s lying to him and is pretending not to know her brother works for the Secret Police. Essentially, Loid believes Yor’s kindness is all a ruse to get closer to him despite having doubts about his newfound claims. Before Anya can reveal the truth about Loid and Yor’s secrets, she cops out and says that Yor’s cooking isn’t great.

Before Yor leaves, Loid places a listening device on her shirt’s collar in hopes of silencing any doubts in his mind. While this occurs, Yor contemplates how well Loid handled the situation with Yuri and argues she’s not acting like a proper wife. She also thinks she’s not living up to Loid’s expectations as his pretend wife since she can’t kiss him or cook Anya any good meals. Before she heads for school, Anya insists Loid and Yor get along because of what she learned after peering into both of their minds.

Meanwhile, we revisit Yuri, who discusses his recent get-together with Loid and Yor with a fellow worker. Although he doesn’t want to admit it, Yuri confirms Loid is a great guy for Yor. However, he hopes that Loid’s kindness is all a ruse so that he can throw him in jail. The worker insists that Yuri detach himself from his sister to help with his focus, to which Yuri calmly agrees.

We shift back to Yor, who seeks wife advice from her co-workers. While this occurs, Loid listens in on her conversation from afar. He notices Anya’s words about Yor’s cooking affect Yor’s self-esteem. Once again, Loid doubts Yor’s behavior and thinks she’s trying to pull a fast one over him. Yor’s section chief gives her a task to deliver something to the post office, which signals Loid to make a move.

While walking in an alley, Yor ponders ways to help Loid by contributing funds to the household. Suddenly, she meets two secret police members (Loid and Franky in disguise). In disguise, they tell Yor that her delivery oozes suspicion and that she might be in cahoots with the finance worker from the episode prior. However, they offer Yor some leeway out of her arrest by claiming that a female who also got in trouble admitted to them that she had a relative who works for the secret police. This is all an act to see if Yor knows about Yuri’s secret-police position, thus helping Loid discover if she’s been toying with him since they met.

While in thought, Franky instigates the situation further, resulting in him getting his arm twisted by Yor. Although Loid (in disguise) alerts her that using violence will only make matters worse for her, Yor promises him that she’ll show no mercy to those aiming to harm people she cares for. Yor’s actions signal to Loid that she doesn’t know of her brother’s secret police work, resulting in him telling Yor they made a mistake. They all go on with their day. Franky confronts Loid about what he’d done and tells him not to feel guilty about accusing Yor of lying to him.

Later in the day, Yor and Loid meet up and decide to head home together. Loid shares some kind remarks to Yor to cheer her up about not being a good mother. Loid also removes the listening device from her t-shirt’s collar, crushes it, and throws it in the trash. To celebrate their one-year anniversary, they decide to buy a cake for them and Anya to eat.

The Episode Review

Unfortunately, Loid and Yor don’t pull through with a proper kiss in this episode. However, they both gain some much-needed development time. As for Loid, he’s learning that his spy-level thinking isn’t always his best.

Throughout the episode, he doubts his usual train of thought. He even feels guilty about how he handled things with Yor in this episode. Witnessing Loid crush the listening device and share encouraging advice with Yor was a great way to atone for his mistakes. But it does make you wonder what would’ve happened if he’d continued to pursue his doubts. Would he have found out about Yor’s assassin work?

On the other hand, it’s nice seeing Yor struggle to fit in her role as Loid’s wife. Not only does she feel she’s not meeting Loid’s expectations, but she’s also struggling to win over Anya’s love. Anya also pushed the narrative lovely in this episode with her input regarding her cooking, as it helped Loid understand Yor’s low self-worth. Even though she’s working things out with Loid, there’s still a chance for this relationship to feel apart if either finds out the other’s hidden occupation.

My initial feelings toward Yuri’s character remain. His over-the-top attitude toward his sister feels overwhelming. I’d like to see the serious attitude he had with the fake finance worker brought out more.

His views of his sister also feel awkward and lean more toward the romantic angle rather than a familial one. Seeing all those pictures of his sister in his locker doesn’t help lower those fears for me. However, it does make you wonder how he’d react to finding out about his sister’s assassin work or what he’d do to Loid if he finds out he’s Twilight.

This episode gave me some good laughs and more time with Yor and Loid’s characters. Although I had my gripes with Yuri’s involvement in this episode, his character leaves room for intriguing developments in future episodes. It appears Anya’s quest for the Stella Stars continues next episode. Let’s see if she can earn a star or get on Damian’s good side.

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