Spy X Family – Season 1 Episode 11 “Stella” Recap & Review


Spy X Family episode 11 begins with Anya watching Bondman while Loid examines all of her failed tests. The two go through several hassles to get Anya to concentrate on her studying habits. Yor does praise Anya for one of her test scores.

Meanwhile, Loid tries to use some cartoon logic to help Anya study. While in her thoughts, Anya reveals she tried to use her mind-reading powers to cheat on the test. In hopes of doing better, Anya aims to read the minds of her classmates who excel at particular subjects. She will use their knowledge for exams based on that subject to achieve perfect scores.

Anya isn’t the only one with cheating in mind, as Loid also contemplates using backhanded methods to get Anya higher scores on her test. However, he refuses to do so because he fears her classmates and teachers will grow suspicious. Anya reads Loid’s thoughts and conjures an abstract scenario in her head featuring her classmates shunning her.

Back to Loid, he ponders more ways to help Anya earn Stella Stars. Furthermore, we get a montage featuring Anya tackling different activities like drawing, playing an instrument, and participating in sports. However, she fails at each one. This worries Loid since he remembers Handler telling him that HQ expects Anya to get all eight Stella Stars in four months. He wonders if he really has all the time in the world to help Anya obtain all eight stars because of this. Anya promises him she’ll do her best.

In the morning, Loid takes Anya to a hospital to participate in community service activities. He recalls many other students from Eden Academy earned Stella Stars by assisting people in said activity. He also confirms that rescuing individuals in need and apprehending villainous criminals were ways. Furthermore, he suggests asking HQ for assistance with forming a quick villainous scenario but backs off because he deems it too risky. Overall, Loid argues it’d be great for Anya to learn about community service.

Although Loid performs his duties well, Anya messes up in every community service duty she performs. This results in one of the nurses asking them to leave the premises. Loid tries to think of another way for Anya to earn Stella Stars if community service is not an option.

During this time, a boy, and a pool lifeguard, walk past them and head for the rehabilitation pool. A nurse takes a quick leave, leaving the boy to attend the pool alone. He goes near the adult pool and ends up falling into it. Somehow, Anya feels something is amiss while Loid is in his thoughts. She envisions the boy drowning in the pool, but she doesn’t know how to warn Loid without revealing her powers to him.

To save the boy, Anya alarms Loid and tells him that she’ll become a professional swimmer and practice via the pool. Knowing the pool is off-limits to some, Loid heads after Anya. Meanwhile, the lifeguard searches for the missing boy but runs into Anya, whose on her way to save him. Anya jumps into the pool and aims to rescue the boy from drowning. Although admirable, she fails and drowns herself. This results in Loid jumping in after her to save Anya and the boy.

When they all reach the surface, Anya informs everyone that she saw bubbles floating, popping up in the water. This alarmed her that someone was drowning in the water. This is why she jumped into the adult pool. All the surrounding adults congratulate her for saving the boy’s life, and this news spreads to Eden Academy. They decide to give Anya her first Stella Star for her actions, and we get a glimpse of that ceremony.

Although Becky and some other students are happy about Anya’s success, Damian and others are irritated. This is because Anya was the first one in their class to receive a Stella Star. Yor and Loid congratulate Anya on her success when they arrive home. Anya realizes she used her powers to help people other than herself, blushes and asks her father to cook her a feast.

Meanwhile, Loid and Handler meet in a subway to discuss Anya’s success. Handler offers Loid a chance to help Anya get more Stella Stars, but Loid denies her request because he feels it’d be too risky for HQ to get involved and draw more suspicion. Handler doesn’t feel bummed about him turning down her offer. However, she warns Loid that they shouldn’t be comfortable, as Desmond’s businesses are starting to make devious moves.

Back to Eden Academy, Anya exits the bus and overhears other students gossiping about her achievement. Becky arrives, and Anya demands that she refer to her as “Starlight Anya.” Becky tells her that her success may help her make more friends. But once Anya sits in class, she overhears everyone talking crudely about her. Becky tells her that the others are jealous. Even Damian stands up for her to some degree, despite being irritated that Anya earned a Stella Star before he did.

We shift to Anya and Becky discussing rewards in the cafeteria. Becky tells her she should ask for something in return for her hard work that’s grander than a year’s supply of peanuts. We also see some toys and trinkets Becky earned herself after exhibiting hard work, and learn that his parents run a company of some kind.

Then Becky talks about her pet dog and how it was the reward that made her the happiest. This makes Anya ask Damian if she has a pet dog. She assumes he does base on the expression on his face. This gives her the idea that if she can obtain a dog, it’ll help her and Loid get closer to Damian and Donovan.

At night, we see Anya beg Loid for a pet dog as a reward for earning a Stella Star. She also feels it will help bring world peace, which leaves Loid puzzled. Loid contemplates the possibility of securing the house with a well-trained dog after Yor warns Anya that pets are huge responsibilities. To satisfy their views of an animal in the household, Anya begs Loid to get her a cute small dog. Although Loid isn’t a fan of small dogs, he tells Anya that they’ll go to a pet shop soon to secure a puppy of her desires.

We shift to a scene with a pet shelter, where most animals appear vicious or badly injured as two men attempt to feed them. One of the dogs has a vision of Anya, Loid, and Yor as we transition to Anya glossing over a dog book to pick out some dog breeds she likes a lot.

The Episode Review

This episode felt like a mixed bag. I can’t help but wonder if Anya deserved her first Stella Star. While saving a wounded boy from drowning is an impressive and “elegant” feat, Anya had to rely on her powers. These are the same powers that earned her F’s across the board regarding her tests.

It perhaps would have been more impactful if Anya did notice bubbles floating in the pool and attempted to save the boy’s life based on her human instincts alone.

Furthermore, I don’t recall the anime ever delving into Anya’s limits with her powers. In spite of being in a different region of the hospital, Anya somehow sensed that someone was in danger, similar to Spider-Man’s spidey-sense. She was also able to hear the boy’s thoughts as he was drowning in the pool, despite there being others present in said area. It all felt like plot convenience and nothing more.

Despite that, the other material presented in the episode was great. I enjoyed the stellar camera techniques used too. It made simple actions like Anya jumping into the pool feel more dynamic in nature.

It was also charming to see her create colorful and wondrous scenarios involving her, Damian, Donovan, and Loid. It really brings out her inner child and captures the realistic fantasies children conjure up nowadays.

Although not perfect, this episode delivers enough charm and action to keep you on your toes. I look forward to seeing Anya interact with her newfound pet, who apparently has supernatural powers. Let’s see how this pet will affect the growing relationship within this fake but beautiful family!

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