Spy X Family – Episode 21 Recap & Review

Nightfall / First Fit of Jealousy

Episode 21 of Spy X Family begins with Handler handing a document to a WISE spy named Fiona Frost and sharing Loid’s progress Operation Strix’s progress. Fiona apologizes for not participating in it with Loid sooner, but Handler tells her it’s no big deal.

Fiona makes a crude comment insinuating that she may cause problems, angering Handler. As Fiona departs to meet Loid, we gain insight about her from the narrator. We learn she’d carry out any mission without batting an eye and how she’s known for making people uneasy. Her code name is Nightfall and has ambitions. At the Forger household, Yor reflects upon her terrible cooking skills and hopes she can craft a meal on par with the stew recipe she learned.

Someone rings the doorbell, and she answers to find Fiona standing in front of it. Fiona introduces herself as Loid’s colleague and hands Yor Anya’s magnifying glass back since she left it at the hospital. Yor asks Fiona if Fiona would like to come in and wait for Loid to return from walking Bond with Anya. She accepts the offer and receives some tea from Yor.

In her mind, Fiona plans to steal Yor’s wife’s role from her while Yor’s nervous as she doesn’t know how to handle a guest without Loid’s help. Fiona knows she can’t get rid of Yor because it’d pose risks, so it’s best to get her to leave of their own volition. Fiona discusses Anya with Yor and hopes Yor would want to open up about her struggles, giving Fiona an opening. Yor confesses that she enjoys Anya’s company, frustrating Fiona.

When Yor admits to lacking in her relationship with Loid, Fiona tries steering the conversation into dramatic territory. However, she stops when Anya, Loid, and Bond return. Fiona and Loid discuss their deeper spy plans through coded conversation tactics. Anya uses her mind-reading powers and realizes Fiona’s a spy like Loid.

Loid’s confused because he knows agents must avoid unnecessary contact with each other. Fiona asks if walking Bond is crucial to the operation and wonders why he couldn’t let Yor handle the errands instead. Loid questions Fiona’s behavior while she’s astounded by his tomfoolery. Anya picks up that Fiona and Loid aren’t getting along.

Upon closer inspection, Anya discovers that Fiona has a crush on Loid. We peer into Fiona’s imagination as she dreams up multiple scenarios of her doing wife-like things for Loid. The narrator confirms that Fiona’s ambition is to become Twilight’s (Loid’s) bride as she reveals in her head that she’d give him all the support he needs for his mission and at home.

Yor offers to make more hot cocoa and coffee for everyone. While Fiona discusses with Loid more, Yor contemplates what Fiona said before Loid, Anya, and Bond return home. This results in Yor pondering a scenario where he’d like to sell Yor to the authorities and offer Fiona a chance to be his wife instead. Yor says she can’t blame Loid for feeling that way.

Yor hands out the refreshments as Fiona is upset that Yor gave Loid a drink he doesn’t like. However, she sees Loid pouring milk into his beverage and wonders if he’s changed or simply playing a role. In his mind, Loid admits he put milk in his drink to lessen the damage in his stomach. Anya drops her drink as Yor rushes over to clean it up. Fiona remarks on how careless Anya is and feels she could’ve trained her better than Yor.

Anya reads Fiona’s mind and remarks how she doesn’t want Fiona to become her mother. Fiona tells Loid in code language to have her be Anya’s new mother. Anya pretends to enjoy Yor’s characteristics to influence Loid not to proceed with Fiona’s demands. Anya continues speaking highly of her present family. Encouraged, Yor promises Loid that she’ll do better as his wife.

Loid insists she’s already working hard enough, and that’s why Anya appreciates her company. Yor is entranced by Loid’s words, but Fiona suspects he’s hiding his true feelings. In a flashback, we see Fiona receiving training from Loid. He tells her that a spy must never let their real-feelings show and let their guard down.

Fiona discusses Loid’s various aliases over the years and knows his happiness is coated in falsehood. Fiona announces her departure and leaves. Loid grabs an umbrella. He tells Yor and Anya that he’ll head out to give her one since it’s pouring outside. Loid meets up with Fiona, and she tells him that Handler wants them to tackle the next mission together. Loid wishes she would have told him sooner.

Fiona’s thankful it’s raining, so she can hide her feelings and knows she must conceal them because they’re spies. Fiona vows to stay by Loid’s side and give it her all in their next mission. Even after her exchange with Yor, Fiona feels she’s the best candidate to be Loid’s wife. The set piece concludes with Fiona telling Loid she’ll share more details at the hospital and asks him not to hold her back.

The next segment shows Anya watching a cartoon on television and freaking out about one of her favorite characters getting shot. Loid sends Anya to bed with her stuffed penguin toy. Bond’s jealous of the penguin stuffed animal and rips it up. In the morning, Anya screams, and Loid rushes into her room. She points out her penguin’s demise as Loid says it got ripped via bite marks.

Anya turns toward Bond, who looks the other way. Anya reads his mind as Bond recounts how he’s mad that the penguin stole Anya from him. Anya yells at Bond, but Yor promises to sew him up later. She somehow makes it worse, but Loid promises to fix him up because Anya doesn’t want him to buy her a new one. After he fixes the penguin, Loid returns Anya’s penguin to her.

Anya remarks how it looks like Frankenstein now–but Loid says his new injuries make him an honorable warrior, and he shouldn’t be ashamed of them. Bond enters Anya’s room with a bag of peanuts to apologize. Anya apologizes to Bond and says she’ll accept his offering as a truce. The episode concludes with Loid hoping he can make the East and West establish peace similarly.

The Episode Review

Despite making a brief appearance in a previous episode, Fiona receives a proper introduction in this one. We learned Fiona’s an overly ambitious spy who adopts similar characteristics to Yor’s brother, Yuri. Instead of liking Yor, Fiona has romantic feelings for Loid.

She utilizes cunning tactics to sway Yor to leave Loid behind, making for fun tension and heartwarming segments between the Forger family. Many fans will adore seeing how strong the Forger bond is. Even though Fiona believes Loid’s pulling a farce with his emotions toward Yor, many can anticipate that he does appreciate Yor and Anya’s company. We’ve seen Loid reflect his feelings toward them numerous times.

While he’s equally excited to complete his mission, he’s shown a caring side toward these two, which is nowhere near as falsified as Fiona would like. That said, it’d be fascinating to see what other tricks Fiona has up her sleeve to sabotage Yor. It’d be equally intriguing to witness Fiona break out of her romantic affection toward Loid. Maybe the next episode will show a smidgen of that growth.

It’s a similar route I’d like to see Yuri take, as it would provide them with development. A meeting between Yuri and Fiona would be intriguing, given their similarities. While this episode contained some amusing dialogue and fun situational humor, it feels like we’re retreading old tropes or spending too much time on mundane activities.

From Yor’s constant worrying to Anya’s childlike habits, many may feel as if we’re stuck in this cycle that never diverges toward a refreshing or exciting path. Overall, this chapter of Spy x Family had some fun character moments and touching content. At the same time, it doesn’t offer anything new besides properly introducing Fiona to us. Hopefully, the next episode can bring more fascinating developments.

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