Spy X Family – Episode 19 Recap & Review

A Revenge Plot Against Desmond / Mama Becomes The Wind

Episode 19 of Spy x Family begins with a meeting between Director Glooman and his comrade. Their company will fall in less than a month, and Glooman doesn’t know how to break the news to his son.

At Eden Academy, Anya and Becky discuss how they’re thrilled for the exams to be over. Damian shows off his stellar sweeping skills, annoying Becky and Anya. Many girl students flock over to Damian to praise him for obtaining a Stella Star. While Becky tries to insinuate that Anya has feelings for Damian, Anya reads the mind of Glooman’s son, George.

Becky shares information with Anya about him as she learns that George was the one who ordered his butler to hire Daybreak in the previous episode. Anya continues reading his mind. George wants Damian expelled. George uses a cigarette butt on the ground and causes commotion to attract the attention of a nearby teacher. He tells the teacher that Damian’s been smoking, and he pushed him to the ground.

Anya sticks up for Damian, and the teacher backs off. Damian grabs George and demands he explain why he has a vendetta against him. George explains Damian’s father’s company is responsible for getting his father’s company bankrupt. He explains that if his father’s company goes bankrupt, he’ll be rendered homeless, which means he’ll be expelled.

George uses his poor situation to guilt-trip Damian into fulfilling his requests. George eventually gets Damian to hand him his Stella Star. George flaunts the star in front of his classmates. When one of Damian’s friends tells him to cut it out, George grieves again. He asks them to let him have his moment of happiness before he’s sent packing. Anya comforts George, and he appreciates her kindness. George makes one final request.

He asks Damian and the others to join them in a song. Everyone holds hands and starts singing, except for Anya. Before George departs, Damian hands him some expensive stationery as a farewell gift. Everyone else joins in to give George a precious item of theirs. George shares his goodbyes and departs. Anya explains the situation to Loid and Yor.

Loid tells Anya that Glooman’s company was only purchased and not bankrupt. George’s father tells him that the Desmond Group bought their company and saved them from a financial crisis. The following day, George walks past Becky, who informs him to hand everything back to everyone. In the next set piece, Loid wakes up Anya because she woke up late for school.

Thankfully, she makes it to the bus on time. Loid departs to the hospital, leaving Yor alone with Bond. Yor heads into Anya’s room and notices she left some of her belongings behind. Yor worries that Anya will get expelled and start acting like a delinquent. With her assassin athleticism, Yor rushes to Eden Academy to deliver Anya’s belongings before P.E. starts.

Yor arrives at the school but doesn’t want to be spotted by anyone. She hatches a scheme to where a teacher-like disguise but fears the students would flock over to her. Loid spots Yor at the school and worries that she might be aware of his spy work. He shoots that down but notices Yor’s carrying something. Meanwhile, Yor meets up with Anya and drags her to a nearby corner.

She hands Anya her P.E. clothes, but Anya tells her she doesn’t have P.E. today. Afterward, Yor heads home but bumps into Loid. Loid explains that he made a house call to a home care patient, allowing him to go home. Yor explains that she wanted to deliver something to Anya, shooting down any remaining worries he had about Yor knowing about his spy work.

Yor recounts how she’s a failure as a mother, but Loid tells her she’s not. He doesn’t want her to feel down because it’ll jeopardize his mission. He asks Yor if she wants to attend a restaurant with him, and she accepts. The episode concludes with Yor and Loid heading for the restaurant.

The Episode Review

This chapter of Spy x Family is on par with episode 16, as not much happens. Besides receiving information about who hired Daybreak and introducing the Glooman family, this episode didn’t have anything new to bring to the table. This felt in line with the filler segments you’d receive in other shōnen anime like One Piece and Naruto.

On the other hand, episode nineteen will make many viewers feel cozy inside. Seeing everyone, including Damian, offer George a helping hand was adorable. It’s also nice to see Damian in this likable state. This is one of the few times when the anime decides to portray Damian’s softer side, which is always appreciated. There are several scenarios in that segment that’ll make people giggle.

The second set piece falls flat on itself, unlike the first one. It feels unnecessary and retreads old territory regarding Yor’s insecurities about being a mother. It evokes the same feelings I had for episode 16’s second set piece concerning Franky’s search for a female companion. While fans will adore seeing Yor utilize her assassin skills in epic and hilarious ways, the segment feels useless, unlike George’s.

Otherwise, this was a fun episode of Spy x Family. It offered very little in the grand scheme of things but has some wholesome and funny moments to keep everyone entertained. Let’s hope episode 20 can get things back on track, though.

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