Spy Ops (2023) Season 1 Review – Netflix half-baked docu-series retells popular espionage operations

Season 1



Episode Guide

Operation Jawbreaker
Operation Just Cause
Operation Pimlico
The Plot to Kill the Pope
Operation Wrath of God I
Operation Wrath of God II
Taliban Spies
Project Azorian


Netflix has released a wide range of documentaries over the past few years and the newest addition to the list is the espionage docuseries, Spy Ops. The show in its 8 episodes follows 7 spy operations from all over the world undertaken mainly by the CIA among other agencies.

Spy Ops aims to offer more details about these real-life spy operations and reveal unknown details about these missions. This is done through unseen footage from the time as well as testimonies from officials involved in these secret spy operations.

Over the eight episodes, we see the story behind Operation Jawbreaker which took place right after the 9/11 attacks, Operation Just Cause – the US invasion of Panama, Operation Wrath of God – the Munich massacre of 1972, and more.

With each episode having a runtime of somewhere between 35-50 minutes, the show aims to offer a linear retelling of events from the time of these real-life espionage operations. The documentary style offers details in the form of clips that were never seen before as well as eye-witness accounts from people involved in these cases.

The show is could be seen as a retelling of history as most of the details revealed through the medium of the show is information that could be found online. Moreover, the testimonies in the first few episodes of the show make the narratives seem one-sided.

Spy Ops does a good job at detailing some of the cases like that of Operation Wrath of God and Operation Pimlico however, the show, due to its time constraints per episode fails to detail relevant information for the spy operation Project Azorian.

With cases like Operation Jawbreaker, many viewers will notice that the show does a great job at detailing the merits of the CIA but fails to address the effects of the spy operation and the turmoil it left on Afghanistan which is now under the Taliban rule.

Spy Ops aims to break down popular spy operations in way to provide information to viewers and does a great job at presenting the factual information needed to understand the operations. 

However, one needs to be aware of the fact that the show is extremely one-sided and looks like a propaganda move to wipe-out the negative press that American intelligence agency, the CIA, has been getting. With all that being said, Spy Ops is a well-made and historically informative watch.

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  • Verdict - 5.5/10

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