Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story by Leslie Jamison: Book Release Date, Page Count & Plot Details 

Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story

Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story

Leslie Jamison is an acclaimed author known for her powerful and introspective works. She has captivated readers with her profound exploration of human experiences through award-winning books such as The Empathy Exams and The Recovering: Intoxication and Its Aftermath. Now, Jamison’s highly anticipated memoir, Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story, is set to be released soon, offering a deep and heartfelt reflection on love, loss, and redemption. Prepare to be moved by Jamison’s raw and evocative storytelling as she invites readers into the depths of her personal journey. 

What is Splinters About?

Splinters: Another Kind of Love Story is a memoir about rebuilding life after the end of a marriage. The book explores motherhood, art, and new love. Jamison delves into the complexities of her relationship with her young daughter, the dissolution of her marriage, and the impact of her parents’ complicated bond. She reflects on what it means to be a woman with multiple roles and experiences, juxtaposing the magical and mundane moments of life. Splinters is a tour de force that examines how to find joy amidst loss and how to reconcile hope with the harm caused. 

When Will Splinters be Released? 

Splinters is expected to be released by Little, Brown and Company on 22 February 2024 in the UK, and 20 February 2024 in the US. 

What is the Page Count? 

Splinters has a page count of 272. 

Where Can You Pre-Order Splinters? 

You can pre-order Splinters through Barnes & Noble ($29) in the US and Waterstones (£16.99) in the UK. 

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