Spinning Out – Season 1 Episode 9 Recap & Review


The Stable Kat

After Kat’s outburst, we begin episode 9 of Spinning Out with her in hospital and a concerned Carol watching over her. This is, of course, a flashback but as we return to the present we see Kat back on the lithium and seemingly stable for now. She’s been asleep for three or four days and Justin is now aware that she has bipolar as well. Meanwhile, Justin’s father visits him at the hotel and gives him his verdict – he has 24 hours to pack his things and leave. While he stews over what to do next, Dasha manages to get in touch with Tatiana, thanks in part to Jenn’s influence.

Jenn herself heads back to the doctors and it turns out she’s doing well with her recovery but unprofessionally the doctor asks her out for a date midway through their consultation. She heads immediately for the bar where Marcus pours her shots and she wallows in her own self-pity for not taking the doc up on his offer. It turns out Marcus was kicked off the ski team thanks to being arrested and he decides to join her in doing shots.

Kat heads to Justin’s where she learns their relationship is well and truly shattered. He breaks up with her and heads back to the table for farewell drinks while she leaves. Downstairs though, Brent confronts Marcus before he storms off, right into the path of Kat who does damage control and asks him not to tell anyone. Marcus has had enough though and it’s here we learn he spent all weekend in jail thanks to the judge not showing up. Kat’s destructive behaviour has well and truly caused serious ripples all over the place.

Back home, Mitch and Carol fall out over her proposition for him moving in while Justin visits Dasha and tells her he’s leaving. She kicks off big time, visiting Kat and dropping a pretty big ultimatum to her. As the drama continues to bubble up, Alana sits and has drinks with Marcus, convincing him he needs to stand up for himself but Marcus wallows in self-pity too, eventually admitting that he’s scared.

Jenn heads out for coffee with the doctor and they hit it off together while Kat decides that she needs to make a last stand and head out to skate with Justin. If she doesn’t, it’s all over. Back home though, Serena reveals that it’s actually Carol’s fault that she fell in the first place. She tried to force her into a move she wasn’t ready for and after hearing the truth, she looks at Carol square in the eye, “You’re a bad mother”. She mutters and storms off.

With chaos surrounding her, Kat writes an email to Dasha and the others she’s hurt in her life, telling the truth of her mental health and that she doesn’t remember everything that happened. She even sits down and talks to Justin’s father about how much Justin was there for her. Her words clearly move him and as James stands up he sighs, heading off to speak to his son while Marcus and Kat talk, where we learn he’s back on the ski team, heading off to Argentina the next day.

While Carol drowns her sorrows in alcohol, we learn the doctor that Jenn’s seeing has actually been sleeping with Serena. He agrees to come and see her skate and drives her home while Justin arrives back at Dasha’s and speaks to Kat who apologises for everything she’s done.

With a left-field move late on to introduce Dr. Parker as Serena’s lover, Spinning Out bounces back from the spiraling drama to wrap a neat little Hollywood-esque bow to proceedings. It’s a little frustrating to see how quickly everyone has forgiven her if I’m honest and although she does admit it’s because of her bipolar disease, there would still be uneasy rifts all over the place. Despite that though, most of the episode works to tie up some loose ends and drama ready for the finale. This is ultimately Marcus’ last appearance on the show this season too but given how this series has been progressing, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s renewed for a second go.


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