Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse Ending Explained – Does Miles save his father? Is The Prowler alive?

Across the Spider-Verse Plot Summary

One year after the events of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Miles and Gwen miss each other but cannot meet because of the distance between them. After an unusual activity in her world, Gwen meets Miguel O’Hara again as well as a female spider-woman – Jessica Drew. Gwen’s father learns that his daughter is Spider-Woman, the person he was chasing after for so long and tries to arrest her.

Miguel and Jess take Gwen to the Spider Society where she gets a watch that helps her to travel to different worlds without glitching. Gwen then gets sent to Miles’ world – Earth-1610 to capture a rogue villain – The Spot. Gwen gets sidetracked from her mission when she goes to see Miles and spends some time catching up with her friend.

However, in the meantime, The Spot manages to use the collider to amplify his powers and reaches Mumbattan, Earth-50101 where he uses another collider and gets absorbed into Space. Layla, the AI assistant tells Miguel that The Spot had used the collider to amplify his powers and had penetrated into the atmosphere. She explains that he had made black portals everywhere and could travel across different universes.

What happens at the Spider Society Headquarters?

At the Spider Society Headquarters, Miles is happy to finally be included but is bummed when he learns that Miguel had not fully accepted him. He takes a tour around and meets the different Spider-People as well as Peter B. Parker who has a daughter – Mayday. Soon, Miles discusses the fact that he was excluded from the Spider Society despite being the Spider-Man of his world.

Miguel tells him that the spider that bit him was supposed to bite someone else, claiming that a world exists with no Spider-Man to protect it. Miguel also tells Miles that the real Spider-Man of his world had to die to let Miles live which further complicates things between them.

What happens when Miguel calls Miles a mistake?

Miguel tells Miles that he was nothing but an anomaly and calls him a mistake. He tells Miles that being a Spider-Person came with consequences, like dealing with the loss of a loved one. Miguel tells Miles that every Spider-Man has a similar origin story and went about their life until a canon moment occurred which is important to their respective dimensions.

After Miles saved Captain Singh, Pav’s canon moment was disrupted which meant that a Captain in some other dimension needed to die.

What does Miles do to stop The Spot?

Since The Spot was headed to Miles’ world to kill someone he loved, Miles pushes the group to stop him. Miguel claims that Miles had to let The Spot do his thing and promises to send him back when it’s the right time. Miles feels betrayed by his friends, especially Peter B. Parker and Gwen and decides to flee away.

Miles tries to fight all the Spider People in an elaborate chase and diverts them away from The Spider Society Headquarters. He somehow makes it back there and launches the “Go Home” device that takes creatures to their homes based on the cells in their body. Miguel and the other Spider-People try hard but are not able to stop Miles.

What happens to Gwen after Miles flees?

Gwen tries to defend Miles but is eventually sent back to her own home. There, she confronts her father and comes clean about the incident with Peter. Her father also tells her that he had quit his job and was no longer a Police Captain. She is relieved to know that her life was not in danger.

She finds a gadget that Hobie had left behind for her before leaving The Spider Society. Gwen uses the gadget to go to Miles’ dimension. Meanwhile, Miguel and Jess are waiting to stop Miles from interacting with his father and saving him.

Where is Miles sent back to?

After a quick interaction with his mother, Miles learns that he was sent to the wrong dimension because the spider that bit him belonged to Earth-42, a parallel universe to Miles’ . He soon learns that his father has already died in this universe but Uncle Aaron was still alive. With Gwen and the other Spider-People waiting for Miles on Earth-1610, Miles is captured by Uncle Aaron.

How does Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse end?

On Earth-42, Miles meets the Miles of that universe. He is shocked to learn that with his father dead, Miles of Earth-42 had become The Prowler and was performing crimes in that world where Spider-Man did not exist. Miles pleads with the Prowler Miles asking to be let go in order to save their father.

Prowler Miles argues that the man Miles wanted to save was not his father but Miles’. At the same time, Gwen also realises what has happened with Miles. She teams up with Peter B. Parker who has taken baby Mayday on her second adventure. They are also joined by Pav, Hobie as they all team up to find Miles and save him.


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