Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Boss Guide: Tips on defeating Symbiote Peter

After using Peter Parker’s version of Spider-Man to take down Kraven the Hunter in the mission Anything Can Be Broken, you switch characters and take control of Miles Morale’s Spidey.

There’s a very good reason for this switcheroo. Peter, who has been wearing the Symbiote suit, falls deeper into darkness as the Symbiote takes over his body and mind.

This is the cue for a Spider-Man versus Spider-Man battle in which you, as Miles, confront Peter, who is far from the friendly neighbourhood hero that he used to be. Do you have what it takes to defeat your Spidey pal? 

Phase 1 

At the beginning of the fight, Peter will fire webbing towards you and pull you in for an attack. That’s not very friendly of him but don’t worry, you can avoid damage by hitting the dodge button. 

From there, Peter will attack you in various ways. These include red attacks which can be avoided with dodges or parries, and blue attacks which can’t be parried, so be sure to hit that dodge button. 

– Tendril Attack – One of the more devious attacks Peter will aim at you is the Tendril Attack, in which he uses his Symbiote suit to create a tendril with his arm, which he then aims at you, throwing you up into the air if the attack lands. This is a red attack which can be parried so do so if you’re able, as you’ll then have an opportunity to get in some damage. If you are thrown into the air, swing back down as quickly as you can, as Peter will air combo you if you don’t move to safety.

– 3-move combo – Peter will swing with one arm, then the other, and finally orchestrate a leap attack on you to deal some more damage. Kraven used a similar attack in the last round so you should have little trouble avoiding these punches if you mastered the art of parrying the last time around. 

– Web Attack – Peter will try to web you up occasionally, so to avoid getting into a sticky mess, dodge the web when you see it coming towards you. If you do get tangled up, mash that square button as fast as you can to break free.

Battling Peter doesn’t have to be overly tough if you continue to use your gadgets and abilities, as well as a few well-timed punches. The real trick to beating him though is to make use of the courtyard bell. Look towards it and then press L1 and R1 together to web it up and make it ring. This will incapacitate Peter for a few seconds, giving you ample time to get in a few blows before he regains composure. You can only ring the bell once this round, however, so consider saving this strategy until your health is worryingly low. 

Phase 2 

Peter’s tendril attacks get worse this round so you will need to be on your guard. 

– Slamming Tendril – Peter will fire out a massive tendril that he slams into the ground. This attack can’t be parried but you can dodge or block it if you’re quick enough. 

– Grabbing Tendril – You don’t want to be grabbed by one of Peter’s tendrils as you’ll take damage if you do, so when you see it coming towards you, hit that dodge button.

Symbiote Bombs – Peter will launch into the air and start throwing bombs at you, which will surely cause you to rethink your friendship with him. These bombs will explode upon contact so as soon as you’re given the prompt, press L1 and R1 at the same time, and catch those bombs with your webbing. Your temptation might to be aim them back at Peter but instead, throw them at the bell so you can stun Peter and get in some attack moves of your own. 

When Peter’s health is low, Miles will electrify him and scold him for his recent behaviour. As Peter is not in any position to listen to reason, the fight then continues.

Phase 3 

Peter will throw everything but the kitchen sink at you this round, figuratively speaking, so get ready for an intense battle. 

His attack moves are similar to what you have already encountered but there are some variations. For one thing, he now has a 5-move combo, four of which can be blocked and the final one parried. He will also catch any bombs you throw back at him or the bell, so be prepared to press L1 and R1 a second time to give yourself an opportunity to do some damage to Peter. 

Another move to watch out for is the Symbiote Strike (L1 and triangle), an attack that will be familiar to you if you used it while playing as Peter. This is a crush attack so dodge to the side to avoid getting flattened! 

When Peter’s health bar has been depleted a third time, Miles will deal out some more damage and then implore Peter to fight the Symbiote. 

Final Fight

Don’t worry, there is no need to fight Peter for a fourth time. After Miles tells his friend to fight back against the Symbiote, that’s exactly what Peter does. 

As Peter, you will need to rip the Symbiote from your face by repeatedly pressing the square button. You will then need to rip it from your chest, which you do by pushing the left and right analogue sticks to the required positions. After doing so, you will automatically remove the rest of the Symbiote and return Peter to his normal self. 


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Hopefully, this boss guide will help you take down Peter! Are we missing anything here that you’d recommend players know? Do let us know in the comments below!


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