Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf – Season 1 Episode 7 Recap & Review

Scale of God and Sorcerers of the Grasslands

Episode 7 of Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf begins with a woman blowing a horn near her pack of lambs. This encourages a few wolves to flee from the area. Then, we return to following Holo and Lawrence. Holo and Lawrence discuss their next destination, Poroson, and Holo’s appetite. Eventually, the two arrive at an Inn in Poroson.

Holo’s bored so Lawrence suggests she explore this area and listen to someone preach about frugality, but Holo’s uninterested. Lawrence explains the significance behind Ruvinheigen’s frugality preaches. He makes it clear that these scenarios benefit most bishops and priests. Holo recalls meeting a man named Ruvinheigen and Lawrence confirms the city he’s talking about was named after the saint crusader, Ruvinheigen. 

Holo confirms both Ruvinheigens are the same and jokes about biting his butt. Lawrence laughs and understands why Ruvinheigen wouldn’t include this snippet in the scriptures that spoke of him. Holo promises Lawrence that she only bit Ruvinheigen and hopes she didn’t kill him. After that, the two plan to head to this location’s trading company. 

Before they go, Holo shows off her new clothes to Lawrence. Then, Lawrence insists he and Holo head to Ruvinheigen after he sells his pepper to the Latparron Trading Company. While traveling, Lawrence informs Holo about the location’s food stalls and goods, much to Holo’s pleasure. Eventually, the two arrive at the Latparron Trading Company. 

The man accompanying our protagonists rambles about supernatural shenanigans he heard about. Then, Lawrence presents him with the pepper, much to the man’s surprise. The man tells Lawrence if he’d arrived a week earlier, he would’ve gotten the pepper for a cheaper price. Lawrence chuckles and Holo tells him she’s thirsty. Lawrence tells Holo to wait and recalls the sweet deal she helped him get from Richten. 

Next, the man places the weight scale on the table and leaves to get Holo water. The man places the pepper on the scale and asks Lawrence questions about it. Then, the man offers Lawrence one Lumione gold coin for each weight present. Lawrence questions the man about that coin’s market rate and the man tells him one of his gold coins is worth 32 and 5/6 of the Trenni silver coins.

Before the two men agree, Holo intervenes and acts lightheaded around the two. She spills her drink and points something critical out to both men. Lawrence confronts the man, who is in shock that Holo and Lawrence discovered his clever tactic. Lawrence demands the man to let him purchase twice the amount on credit. 

The man refuses so Lawrence offers to purchase high-grade armor from him. Lawrence argues the armor would sell for a great profit during this time of the year. Additionally, he says he can offset the credit after he sells the said armor. The man complies but asks Lawrence about the appraisal. Lawrence says he’ll let the man decide how to pursue that. 

As for Holo, she wants the man to give her some high-quality wine and dried sheep meat. The man says he’ll speak with someone who can get Holo those products. The man departs and Holo and Lawrence discuss what just happened. Holo leaves and reminds Lawrence to take her to the food stalls in Ruvinheigen once he finishes his business here.  

Later, Lawrence departs from the Latparron Trading Company and notices a preacher rambling about a pagan wolven god. At the Inn, Lawrence yells at Holo for drinking tons of booze. Holo ensures Lawrence that there’s still some left. Then, Holo asks Lawrence if he can get her some oil for her tail before they travel to the next town. 

Holo tries enticing Lawrence to get it for her, but Lawrence doesn’t falter and reminds Holo about all the money she’s spent. Holo continues using her charms to woo Lawrence to get the item for her, but Lawrence stands his ground. After Holo discusses things further with Lawrence, Lawrence tells Holo she can pay him back when they reach the northern forests. Also, he says he’ll buy Holo oil for her tail. 

The two depart to their next destination in the morning. During their travels, Lawrence explains why he wanted the gentleman to give him high-grade armor. Lawrence says once he sells this armor, he’ll have enough money to purchase Holo’s oil. Then, Holo and Lawrence notice several travelers nearby so Lawrence leaves to question them about what’s happening. 

Lawrence returns to Holo seconds later. Holo knows what’s happening and Lawrence asks her what she wants to do. Holo says she doesn’t want to interact with the mercenaries, however, she has no issue speaking with the wolves. Lawrence and Holo continue their journey and realize something’s off. Nonetheless, Holo tells Lawrence to press on and Lawrence spots the person from this episode’s opening segment.

Lawrence realizes this person isn’t a sorcerer, rather, she’s a shepherd. After Lawrence meets the female shepherd, the episode closes with a shot of Holo’s unamused face. 

The Episode Review

If the Milone Trading Company and Medio Trading fiasco taught Spice and Wolf fans something, it’s to pursue strangers cautiously. Much like the folks Lawrence and Holo met there, this Latparron Trading Company worker tried pulling a fast one on Lawrence. Fortunately, Holo was there to help Lawrence nab himself an incredible deal. Hopefully, this will pay off in a future chapter.

Like a previous chapter, this one shows audiences why Holo is Lawrence’s most valuable asset. Whether from a business or emotional angle, it’s been a blast seeing the two assist, toy with, and understand each other. Viewers can tell Holo’s gotten well-acquainted with Lawrence. Hopefully, this tight-knit connection between the two continues as we progress with this story’s other fruitful events. 

While all that sounds dandy, this episode did have some issues, preferably in the pacing department. While the business and negotiation chatter was intriguing, it hampered the pacing slightly, making matters feel sluggish and dull. Although the entire segment wasn’t bland to sit through thanks to Holo’s wonderful charms and tricks, some fans may not find the drawn-out discussions engaging.

That aside, this shepherd character and the mysterious words the preacher said in this episode will pique fans’ curiosity. Hopefully, the shepherd character and this preacher’s remarks will hold significance to the story’s overarching plot. Overall, this was an interesting addition to Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf’s tale.  

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