Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf – Season 1 Episode 15 Recap & Review

 Bird Feather and Mysterious Ore

Episode 15 of Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf begins with Lawrence visiting Marc at his shop. Lawrence asks Marc for intel about Kumerson’s chronicler. He’d like to ask the chronicler if he knows of tales and legends about the North. Marc suggests Lawrence speak with Gi Batos, as Gi often communicates with people like the chronicler. 

Marc says he can set Lawrence up with a meeting between him and Gi. Lawrence asks Marc if he can get in contact with a few Northern travelers. The former wants more information about Nyohhira, how he and Holo can reach it, and what Nyohhira’s like. Marc says he’ll ask around. Lastly, Lawrence asks Marc if he can get him in contact with someone who sells delicious bread. 

Lawrence visits Holo and hands her some wheat bread. The former tells the latter they’ll have to wait a while before they can attend Kumerson’s festival. Lawrence hands Holo some money and tells her to spend it wisely. Holo doesn’t want to explore Kumerson alone and asks Lawrence if she can tag along with him. She promises to give him the money back if Lawrence says she can. 

Lawrence denies Holo the opportunity to accompany him since he’ll be busy. Holo understands and plans to wander Kumerson alone. She warns him that she may bring some folks to this room. If that’s the case, Holo wants Lawrence to leave her and her guest alone. As Lawrence travels through Kumerson, we finally learn what the preacher from a previous episode said about Holo’s homeland of Yoitsu. The preacher claims a monstrous bear destroyed Yoitsu.

In the present, Lawrence visits a tavern to gather details. Suddenly, Amati arrives at the tavern and has a drink with Lawrence. Lawrence thanks Amati for his help and tells him he plans to meet with Gi to discuss things. Amati says that’s too bad because he wanted to show Lawrence around town. 

Lawrence is unsure and Amati says he’d like to extend that offer to Holo. Lawrence says he’s okay with that but warns Amati about Holo’s awkward tendencies and says she may be roaming Kumerson now. Amati says he’ll check in with the inn’s staff to see if she’s there. Amati departs and Gi arrives seconds later. Gi and Lawrence go for a stroll.

Gi shares details about his past experiences and his current goals. He leads Lawrence to a place that houses alchemists. Lawrence is uncertain if they should do business with alchemists. Gi lists what types of supplies alchemists tend to purchase from folks. He also informs Lawrence that only a few alchemists dabble in magic. 

Nevertheless, Gi says everything will be okay. Gi and Lawrence meet a female chronicler at this place. Lawrence asks the lady if she knows where Dian Rubis is located. The lady reveals she is Dian Rubis but asks Lawrence to call her Diana. Lawrence and Gi enter Diana’s home and the former asks her questions regarding the northern lands, specifically Yoitsu. 

Diana grabs a book from her shelf. She says Yoitsu was destroyed by a moon-hunting bear called Irawa Will Mhedhend. Lawrence says he only wants intel on Yoitsu’s location, not Irawa. Diana mentions a town called Lenos and says Lawrence should learn about Lenos and the tale its people spread. The tale highlights Holo’s first encounter with Lenos’s people and the harvests she helped them create. 

From this tale, Lawrence learns that there are many mountains near Lenos’s location. Lawrence shares a story with Diana to thank her for this information. Lawrence thanks Gi for his help and visits Marc later to see if Marc has any updates to share regarding Lawrence’s earlier requests. Lawrence says he no longer needs intel about Nyohhira.

Lawrence wants to travel to Lenos instead. Marc understands and tells Lawrence that rumors have been floating around regarding Holo and Amati. Lawrence says nothing is going on between Amati and Holo to his knowledge. Lawrence returns to the inn and notices Holo is in a poor state. He notices Amati bought Holo expensive stuff and scolds her about not giving Amati anything nice in return. 

In the morning, Holo informs Lawrence about the fabricated story she shared with Amati. Then, Lawrence holds up the gold die he found on the inn’s floor. Holo says she got that from a fortune teller she and Amati observed. She argues the gold die can see through fate. Lawrence laughs and tells Holo that it’s a natural mineral called pyrite.  

Holo says she was impressed by the fortune teller’s remarks and confirms Amati used his money to bid for the pyrite. Suddenly, Lant arrives at Holo and Lawrence’s room. The former tells Lawrence that Marc needs him to visit his place immediately. The episode closes with Lawrence rushing to Marc’s place. 

The Episode Review

We finally receive confirmation of what the strange preacher from a previous episode said. This gives audiences insight into what happened at Yoitsu. Also, it hints at the possibility that Holo and Lawrence won’t like what they find at this destination. Hopefully, some individuals from that Irawa attack survived that altercation, otherwise, Holo’s reunion with her people won’t turn out pretty. 

That aside, this episode also builds minor tension between Amati, Lawrence, and Holo’s characters. It’s nothing too extreme, but Marc’s remarks about Amati should alarm Lawrence. Based on what we’ve seen and know of Amati’s character (so far), there’s potential for Amati to sway Holo to join his side. Whatever the case may be, this is an excellent way to test Holo and Lawrence’s tight-knit connection. 

Additionally, this episode offers nice world-building. It introduces supernatural bears and wise alchemists. This gives the world more flavor, helping it feel more fantastical and fun. It’ll make audiences theorize what other supernatural aspects reside in our characters’ universe.

All in all, this was a great chapter of Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf.  

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