Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf – Season 1 Episode 13 Recap & Review

Supper of Three and Afternoon of Two

Episode 13 of Spice and Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf begins with Lawrence, Nora, and Holo celebrating their accomplishments and discussing other topics like sheep. Then, Holo makes a sound, alarming Nora and Lawrence. Holo says she is fine but collapses seconds later. Then, we enter a dream sequence. In it, Holo monologues about her mundane lifestyle in the wheat fields.

She says everything felt stagnant despite the differing events that occurred during her days there. However, Holo says her days with Lawrence made her feel like a newborn. Although Holo traveled with humans in the past, she argues Lawrence helped her experience refreshing and grander events to get lost in. Holo says she has experienced some sadness along the way, but argues she’s been having a blast traveling with Lawrence. 

Holo awakens in a bed and remembers Lawrence brought her here after she became unconscious. After that, Holo reflects on her qualms about herself and ponders Lawrence and Nora moments after that. Holo wonders why Lawrence isn’t by her bedside during her time of need. Lawrence arrives and asks Holo why she didn’t tell him she wasn’t feeling well. 

Holo apologizes and says she possibly fainted due to exhaustion. Lawrence tells Holo he’s familiar with sicknesses. He places his palm on Holo’s head and learns she has a fever. After some chatter, Holo asks Lawrence to leave her be. Lawrence insists Holo stay away from meat for a while. He caresses Holo’s head and Holo smiles under the sheets. 

Lawrence returns to Holo’s room and tells her he will whip up some porridge the next day. He hands Holo apple wine. Holo drinks the apple wine and tells Lawrence it tastes weird. Lawrence tells Holo he diluted the beverage. Holo’s not thrilled Lawrence did that. Lawrence says he did research at a local establishment. He lectures Holo about the four temperaments of the human body. 

Ultimately, Lawrence learned that feeding Holo cold foods, like apples, would benefit her. He would’ve given Holo regular apples but he says those are classified as dry foods and says a cold apple beverage was preferable for Holo’s sickness. Lawrence mentions a couple of dishes that catch Holo’s attention. Holo is excited by the sound of it all and Lawrence notices she’s all better now. 

Holo tells Lawrence she’s sick again. She hopes that Lawrence will move forward with his promised goods for her. Lawrence leaves to get Holo the porridge and Holo falls asleep again. Simultaneously, we enter another dream sequence. In it, Holo reflects on her wheat fields and birthplace experiences. She says those experiences were joyous and repulsive. 

Holo brings up her godly status and how people view her. She argues she never asked for that position but knew she had to fulfill certain duties. Nevertheless, Holo states Lawrence is a rare specimen because no one has ever smiled at her innocence. However, Holo argues Lawrence is an impudent human who doesn’t know his place in the world. 

Lawrence returns to check on Holo and hopes she can return the favor if he gets sick. He opens the canister of porridge and Holo asks Lawrence to feed her. Lawrence wants to leave to get more things and asks Holo what she wants him to make her. Holo tells Lawrence she wants him to make her sheep milk again. Lawrence’s unsure about that but Holo convinces him to run with that idea. 

He brings up Nora and how she has a good eye for things like that. This angers Holo. Lawrence asks Holo why she treats Nora like an enemy. Holo doesn’t give Lawrence the best response. Lawrence grabs the empty pale and promises to fill it with the porridge. Holo asks Lawrence if he’ll return swiftly and Lawrence says he will. Lawrence returns with Nora and Holo’s not thrilled about that. 

Holo asks Nora to tell her the secret to guiding sheep. Nora says having a generous heart helps a shepherd guide sheep. Holo shares a sheep joke and glances at Lawrence. She refers to Lawrence as the sheep, but Lawrence doesn’t catch on to the joke at first. Then, all three of them laugh. Then, we flash-forward in time and return to Holo’s discussion with the toddler from the first episode. 

Holo tells the toddler this is how the story between the wolf and man ended. The toddler asks Holo if the wolf handles sheep well after that. Holo tells the girl there’s more to the story and the toddler wants her to share more details. The episode ends with Holo sharing another tale with the little girl. 

The Episode Review

Before we delve into another arc of Spice of Wolf: Merchant Meets The Wise Wolf, the showrunners gave fans a simple yet touching chapter to watch between Holo, Lawrence, Nora, and an unnamed individual. This chapter was basic at its core, but many folks won’t mind as it captures the series’s heartwarming vibes wonderfully through its various monologues and authentic character scenarios. 

Additionally, Holo’s monologues touch upon concepts like time, meeting expectations, and admiration. From incredibly animated painting-like imagery to the showrunners’ exceptional use of previous chapter segments, fans will empathize with Holo’s words during those scenes. Moreover, those scenes prove that Lawrence means the world to Holo.

It also cleverly builds upon the romance that may transpire between them. Holo’s jealousy of Nora remains intact too, however, it’s great knowing that Holo can share a laugh and pleasant conversation with Nora despite her jealousy. At the same time, Lawrence goes beyond the call of duty for Holo in this episode. Having him attend an establishment to research perfect food items for Holo’s sickness shows he cares deeply for her. 

Also, the chapter reminds folks of the first episode’s opener segment regarding Holo and this unknown girl. Although source material enthusiasts know who this is, some anime-only viewers might be able to predict who that girl is given what the anime’s provided them with so far. Nevertheless, we’re excited to see how they’ll reveal this girl’s identity down the pipeline.

Overall, this was a simple yet satisfying episode of the anime. 

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