Spellbound – Season 1 Episode 7 “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” Recap & Review

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Episode 7 of Spellbound reveals that Mia has not been found, and Cece and Simone are the ones to break the news to Amy and Lola. During the course of their get-together, it becomes abundantly evident that Simone and Lola have feelings for one another.

Cece finds out that Mia is stranded in the mirror while she is at school. In the beginning, she is at a loss for what to do. She hurries to talk to Amy and Lola so that she can get some help, but they aren’t there. While everything is going on, Aunt Ginger uses the moving cabinet to bring Amy and Lola to another place. In the aftermath of this, she assists them in regaining their powers.

Cece gains the ability to effectively employ her skills as a result of the stress she experiences. During the final moments of the episode, she gets Mia out of the mirror. However, Cece does not harbor any suspicions regarding Adrian’s presence at the school, despite the fact that he also appears there.

Mia has absolutely no recollection of the Halloween party by the time the episode draws to a close. She then moves on to question Simone and Cece over the events that she had missed. Both of them compliment her while simultaneously concealing the truth.

The Episode Review

In episode 7 of Spellbound, Cece becomes aware of Mia’s abduction by the Mystics and is compelled to utilize her blossoming magical talents in order to rescue her before the situation becomes irreversible. Meanwhile, Lola and Amy are making efforts to persuade Ginger to restore their respective powers.

Given the subject matter of the show, it could be argued that the plot fails to evoke a sense of curiosity and anticipation among the viewers. Moreover, a significant proportion of the characters portrayed exhibit deficiencies in their acting abilities and tend to display excessive theatrical tendencies. We remain hopeful, however, the show has thus far been a significant disappointment.

Similar to its preceding episodes, this installment falls short of delivering any particularly captivating or engaging aspects.

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