Spellbound – Season 1 Episode 2 “Magic Malaise” Recap & Review

Magic Malaise

In episode 2 of Spellbound, Cece is seen sleeping as Amy and Lola have cast a spell on her. Following this, Amy casts another spell on her in which she experiences the same emotions as Cece does. After Cece has fully regained consciousness, Amy and Lola tell her that she is actually the Wise One. They then proceed to explain to her how she escaped capture by the cloud-like entity that had previously attacked her.

In addition to this, they encourage her to carry out her responsibilities as the wise one and proceed to explain to her the importance of developing her magical abilities. Cece, on the other hand, is completely unconcerned about it since she is concentrating on acquiring a permanent position in the ballet school.

In the wake of this development, Cece rushes to learn the outcome of the audition. The news that Cece and Simone have been chosen is delivered to them. The conversation continues with Cece informing Simone that she is the Wise One.

The teacher announces to the dancers, while they are in the midst of their practices, that there will be a final audition. Following this, he assigns partners to each of the dancers. In the end, he chooses Benoit to be Cece’s partner, despite the fact that Benoit is visibly upset about the arrangement. Nevertheless, during the routine, they switch roles and successfully manage to impress their trainer.

Then, in order to impress the teacher and stay in the dance school, Cece casts a spell using Amy and Lola’s magical elements. However, the spell is also responsible for mayhem, since it makes a whole group of trained dancers unwell.

Following this, the trainer decides to put the selection process on hold and instead makes the announcement that the dancers will be performing at an important event. He then goes on to tell them that he will make his decision based on how the dancers performed during the initial audition, how they performed in class, and how they will perform during the main event.

On the other hand, Lola, along with the other professional dancers, has just come down with an illness. As a result of this, Amy and Lola come to the realisation that Cece is, in fact, the Wise One and that they need to persuade her to learn how to practise magic and stand up for their community so that they can perform magic in the open.

The Episode Review

Cece’s discovery that she is a wizen serves as the driving force of the episode. In addition, Cece is picked in the first audition and she immediately begins getting ready for the main round. Now, to stay at the school, she casts a magic spell that leads to chaos.

If there’s one thing the show fails miserably at, it’s portraying emotional nuances. Cece’s inability to convincingly portray any emotions after discovering that she is a wizen is a major flaw of Spellbound. It’s as if it had no effect at all, as she shows no signs of perplexity, denial, rage, or happiness. Since the characters themselves appear unconcerned, the audience loses interest.

The portrayal of Benoit’s dislike for Cece is problematic, as well. The characters in the show appear to perform below par, giving the show a rather flimsy feeling. The content likewise fails to grab the attention of the viewers. In terms of story, capacity to engage, and performance, the Hulu show is currently below average.

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