Spectros – Season 1 Episode 5 Recap & Review


The Dead Have Risen

Episode 5 of Spectros slows everything down to a screeching halt as the group leave the police station while the rogue cop starts patching up his gunshot wounds in the shadows. Hiding in a garage, Leo warns them that the officer is not human. To make matters worse, Carla starts experiencing blinding visions that incapacitate her. Mila stays by her side and talks her through the pain, especially given it’s something her Father has also been through. She berates Zeca for his attempt to give her pills though and he tells her no one understands him.

Meanwhile, Leo and Pardal discuss the ghosts outside and just what they may want. As they spy them from the window, the ghosts begin to disappear. However, they appear in Zenobia’s temple giving the brothers a chance to talk about their career paths and what they’re doing in life. It’s here they fight, leaving Leo to sob as Pardal storms off.

Zenobia brings some of the spirits to her and they talk about what this world is. However, one of the spirits happens to be Leo’s Mother and in Zenobia’s temple, Zenobia talks with the spirits about the Necromancer and how they need to stop him, especially given she’s failed to protect them all. As she struggles to control all the spirits, the group hit the road again in search of the possessed cop, who continues his murderous rampage, stopping by the cat shop from earlier and sensing the ashes are kept in one of the antique clocks.

Pardal and the others manage to get there just in time, rushing in to save the day but unfortunately the rogue cop finds the ashes first, overpowering the group one by one with little fuss. In the aftermath of this, the group sit in Zeca’s van wondering what to do next until Zeca convinces them all to stand their ground and fight, where the episode ends.

With a lot more characterisation this episode, most of the drama revolves around the internal character struggles we’ve been seeing playing out. Pardal and his brother Leo have some nice moments together, while Mila and Carla continue to patch up their differences too, with the headaches acting as a bond between them. Zeca is the wildcard here though, and not in a good way either. His character is pretty annoying and his attempts at comic relief don’t really work that well.

Aside from maybe 10 minutes of this episode toward the end, there really isn’t a whole lot else going on here. Although fleshing out the characters is certainly welcome, it’s questionable as to why we’ve waited 5 episodes to see some of this when it should have been done toward the beginning of the show. Still, the battle lines are now drawn and quite what’s in store for our characters next remains to be seen.


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